Definition of retrieval in English:



  • 1[mass noun] The process of getting something back from somewhere:

    ‘the investigation was completed after the retrieval of plane wreckage’
    • ‘Sediment had covered them to such a depth that retrieval was impossible.’
    • ‘The traditional notion is that nostalgia is the mental and emotional retrieval of an object lost in the past.’
    • ‘He forced himself to concentrate solely on the proper execution of data retrieval, then the safe return of the first ever round trip probe.’
    • ‘They must think that we've already made contact and are waiting for retrieval.’
    • ‘When the accumulated metal is recovered for industrial use, the process is called ‘phytomining,’ and it's already being done for nickel retrieval.’
    • ‘Some young women have begun to bank eggs cryogenically for future retrieval, when and if career and love-life timing come together.’
    • ‘This comic moment emphasizes Bergot's poverty and makes Lily's retrieval of the money more daunting.’
    • ‘Finally, a response latency task for vocabulary production and recognition in Spanish suggested that attrition of Spanish is best characterized as difficulty in retrieval rather than total loss.’
    • ‘A solid editorial team needs information architecture to know how to arrange information for later retrieval by the site visitor.’
    • ‘Sara gazed up at the house in dazed wonder, not noticing Mr. Lake's retrieval of her valise from the carriage or his offer of hand to steady her step down to the sidewalk.’
    • ‘I filed the information away for later retrieval; in a time where my survival is everything, any little thing I had over another man was precious.’
    • ‘Stuffing the other items back into the box for later retrieval, Ford opened the padded envelope.’
    • ‘While most systems are automatic, DeWeerdt notes that many retrieval or picking processes still include manual elements.’
    • ‘A reverse function makes easier retrieval of screws from tight boreholes.’
    • ‘It is hard to justify requiring companies to keep records of historical importance in a retrievable format when technological advances make retrieval increasingly difficult.’
    • ‘Because of the state's retrieval of marginal and abandoned farm lands, particularly around urban areas, there was a well established network of nature areas after the war.’
    • ‘If we remembered verbatim everything that people said to us, we would soon be swamped by a mass of words of such enormity that it would be hard to perform the simple acts of retrieval we constantly rely on our memories to deliver.’
    • ‘Today, we are inundated with so much data in so many formats, that, even though retrieval is theoretically easier, it can still be difficult to develop a truly useful project archive.’
    • ‘Woody was involved in retrieval of a bag from a parked vehicle, for which he was paid £60.’
    • ‘The impact of her words, now beyond retrieval, spread out in slow motion to fill the moment.’
    retrieval, regaining, repossession, getting back, recapture, reclamation, recouping, retaking, redemption
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  • 2The action of obtaining or consulting material stored in a computer system:

    ‘online information retrieval’
    [as modifier] ‘storage and retrieval systems’
    • ‘You can also create multiple pages, save them for later retrieval, and share them with friends via email.’
    • ‘Adoption of standard vocabulary in Web page titles could help library resources achieve higher rankings in search engine retrievals, such as those determined by the Google PageRank algorithm.’
    • ‘This is making the retrieval of the 400 or so emails that have built up while I was away rather problematic!’
    • ‘The messaging feature allows group mailing lists to be established for e-mail retrieval and for selective information to be captured simply.’
    • ‘This can make later retrieval of the correct version of the most recent good file tedious and difficult.’
    • ‘Sensitive information often is stored on database servers and other storage facilities for later retrieval.’
    • ‘One of the biggest bottlenecks is the memory subsystem responsible for data storage and retrieval.’
    • ‘In the current age of data warehousing, the timely processing and retrieval of vast amounts of data is vital to the decision-making process.’
    • ‘These processes of storage and retrieval are the major focus of the dominant perspective in cognitive approaches to advertising, that of information processing.’
    • ‘A search engine optimizes the retrieval process by indexing.’
    • ‘In essence, the cost of the disk-to-disk solution is attributable solely to the increased performance for data retrievals and does not replace any of the costs or the reliability associated with a traditional tape backup solution.’
    • ‘The advent of the internet, which made possible worldwide electronic retrieval of library catalogues, enabled folk tale researchers to locate titles and provide concrete listings of printed works.’
    • ‘Libraries facilitate this application by automating the retrieval of image files.’
    • ‘The only way to ensure that a tape can be read for retrieval is to perform a second pass on the tape after backup, using a verification routine, or to actually perform a sampling restore.’
    • ‘A processor with more cache can store larger amounts of frequently accessed data close to the processor for fast retrieval.’
    • ‘But then, what if the spyware captures your keystrokes and stores them for later retrieval?’
    • ‘The energies of the faculty are focused on information related problems including the retrieval of digital images and the management and organization of digital information.’
    • ‘A library user is presented with an array of other online and CD-ROM products, some offering abstracts or full-text retrieval.’
    • ‘Save project and job set information for quick retrieval when converting updated files.’
    • ‘Documents are bulk-processed and, then, loaded into a large online database for storage and retrieval.’