Definition of retool in English:



  • 1 Equip (a factory) with new or adapted tools:

    ‘textile-makers must retool plants to meet the demand for smaller quantities’
    [no object] ‘we were going to have to retool’
    ‘the enormous cost of retooling’
    • ‘Composites cost up to eight times as much as aluminum, and the newfangled plane will require suppliers to retool the manufacturing process.’
    • ‘Three years on, Boeing is retooling some of the world's most complex manufacturing practices, while shaking the kinks out of its supply-chain process.’
    • ‘Since the chemical could be used pre chill with an inside/outside washer, processors would not have to retool any of their current machinery or procedures.’
    • ‘Building a new building, retooling a factory - that is modernization in a visible and tangible form.’
    • ‘It was a massive change of direction, as if Caterpillar Inc. had decided quickly to retool all its bulldozer plants to start making passenger cars.’
    • ‘That sidesteps the need for costly retooling at manufacturing plants.’
    • ‘At the same time, growing demands from operators for highly customized handsets could force Nokia to retool its manufacturing to accommodate smaller production runs.’
    • ‘When tweaking the design for the next model year, ‘we redesigned and retooled every jig in the shop.’’
    • ‘But it wasn't simply a matter of retooling existing factories.’
    • ‘Putting in more expensive tape drives would up server prices in the price-sensitive small business market, and might require factory retooling.’
    • ‘We retool each year just to change the design of cars… surely we can do the same, albeit on a grander scale, to shift more commuters to public transit.’
    1. 1.1 Alter the form or character of; reshape:
      ‘he has had little time to retool his candidacy’
      • ‘The school house must retool quickly to provide relevant training to a larger number of students.’
      • ‘Next year they are shutting our plant down to retool for production of three different vehicles simultaneously.’