Definition of retirement pension in English:

retirement pension


  • A pension paid by the state to retired people above a certain age.

    • ‘An occupational pension scheme is a plan in which the employer and employee can contribute to provide for a retirement pension.’
    • ‘Apparently retirement pensions and government salaries are supposed to be increased, and the national currency is supposed to rise against foreign currencies.’
    • ‘No unreduced early retirement pensions have been offered to those made redundant since 1999.’
    • ‘Mrs Herbert's only income was the state retirement pension.’
    • ‘This fear has been raised during the debate on the provision of retirement pensions for Europe's large aging population where most governments rely on unfunded state pension schemes paid for out of current tax revenue.’
    • ‘Family allocations or a retirement pension are often their major source of income.’
    • ‘They also stress that the payment regime must not in any way militate against the interests of farmers in receipt of early retirement pensions.’
    • ‘Education, including university, is provided free for all of its citizens, as are health care and retirement pensions.’
    • ‘Most employees are entitled to the social welfare contributory old age pension and/or the contributory retirement pension from age 66 and 65 respectively.’
    • ‘The final step came at about the same time, when the Swedish government implemented a program of old-age or retirement pensions that quickly became universal.’
    • ‘These changes affected unemployment insurance, retirement pensions, child support, and other major programs.’
    • ‘The service will work out your retirement pension and offer advice on other pensioner related services.’
    • ‘In the March issue I was interested in Paul Lewis's article on weekly payment of retirement pensions, rather than monthly in arrears.’
    • ‘Three families have no identifiable source of cash income at all, while one man (a singleton household) receives a small retirement pension from a previous job in Papeete.’
    • ‘Literate and numerate staff received high salaries, retirement pensions, and various privileges including holidays and social facilities.’
    • ‘Working in a large conglomerate that neither gives job security nor guarantees a decent retirement pension, looks quite unattractive.’
    • ‘At that time, you are eligible to commence your early retirement pension and retiree benefits as defined in the Company plan.’
    • ‘Your service since 3rd April 1995 is pensionable and will be counted in the calculation of your retirement pension at age 65 years.’
    • ‘Also, the government plans to reward workers who delay taking their state retirement pension with a lump sum of up to £30,000, or a higher pension when they do decide to call it a day.’
    • ‘What's more, thanks to a rule introduced on 6 April, you can now defer taking your state retirement pension at 65.’
    annuity, superannuation
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