Definition of retirement age in English:

retirement age

(British retiring age)


  • The age at which most people normally retire from work.

    • ‘Thus, there is some evidence that many baby boomers will not retire at the traditional retirement age of about 65.’
    • ‘If you are a salaried person and a member of a pension fund, you can be forced to go on retirement at the official retirement age, which is typically at age 60.’
    • ‘Who really wants their name associated with increasing the state retirement age or compelling people to save more?’
    • ‘Some analysts recommend the alternative approach of raising the minimum retirement age from 65 to 70 or beyond.’
    • ‘The retirement age will be five years higher than it is now’
    • ‘By 2030 we will be living on average into our eighties, rendering the retirement age of 65 highly questionable.’
    • ‘Retirees face the prospect of dwindling benefits and an ever-climbing retirement age.’
    • ‘Canada has introduced a flexible retirement age from 60 to 70.’
    • ‘According to the Office of National Statistics, more and more women are working past their state retirement age of 60, due to inadequate pension provision.’
    • ‘Politically, raising the retirement age is the least popular of all proposals for Social Security reform.’
    • ‘More than 40% believe that a set retirement age encourages age discrimination and should be abolished.’
    • ‘Several months before, she had retired from her job as a public servant in the Ota Ward Office in Tokyo upon reaching the compulsory retirement age of 60.’
    • ‘The retirement age is sixty-five for men and sixty for women.’
    • ‘Some workers may want to continue working until they reach the normal retirement age, but others may not have that option.’
    • ‘As a result, more than a million people beyond the state retirement age are in paid employment, according to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics.’
    • ‘He was a couple of years past the official retirement age but making money and making arrangements for the future had never been high on his list of priorities.’
    • ‘It is also argued that a continuing reduction in the real value of the State Pension and the shift away from defined benefit occupational pensions will serve to increase the retirement age.’
    • ‘Under current law, the retirement age is scheduled to increase to 67 by 2027.’
    • ‘Of course, an aging population needn't necessarily be a problem for the economy, provided the average retirement age rises at the same rate as the median age.’
    • ‘Most workers decide to retire early instead of waiting to reach the normal retirement age, which is the point when they receive full benefits.’