Definition of retiral in English:



  • (in Scotland) a person's retirement from a job or office.

    ‘early retiral’
    ‘he worked in this area until his retiral in 1975’
    • ‘The firm of Helen M Nicolson is run by Eddie Nicolson, following the retiral of Helen from the practice earlier this year.’
    • ‘Ever since his initial retiral last season, MacKenzie has been commentating on the event for Eurosport, running a Superbikes school, and contributing to a magazine on the subject.’
    • ‘On his retiral he became professor emeritus at Newcastle.’
    • ‘Egon Pearson, following the retiral of his father Karl Pearson as Galton Professor of Statistics, had been made Reader and became Head of the Department of Applied Statistics three years before Hsu arrived there.’
    • ‘Before his retiral he accepted fees and funds for attending symposia, lecturing, research, and staff funding from AstraZeneca and GlaxoWellcome.’
    • ‘Perhaps his health contributed to his death since he decided to go to London to celebrate the retiral of a friend despite feeling unwell.’
    • ‘In rural Scotland the retiral of a sitting MP always creates a vacuum which other political parties rush to fill.’
    • ‘Four years ago I and many of my generation were encouraged to take early retiral, on the grounds that it was a cost-cutting exercise.’
    • ‘Various reasons for the retirals were given by their teams, but it was obvious the real reason was terminal boredom.’
    • ‘The planned relocation is due to the retiral of the Aberdeen transplant surgeon this year.’
    • ‘The council has told its employees that it will ‘only approve early retiral in exceptional circumstances, where pressing compassionate grounds exist or where a significant benefit to the service will ensue’.’
    • ‘Ballyhaunis expectations were severely tested in the early stages of the half when a knee injury led to the retiral of midfielder, Michael Webb, and his removal by ambulance to hospital.’
    • ‘This year, Wheeldon made another new piece, After the Rain, to mark the retiral of one of NYCB's best-loved dancers, Jock Soto.’
    • ‘There is also a huge group of doctors who are on the verge of retiral or resignation, and are simply hanging on to see if this new contract will deliver improvements that will persuade them to work on another few years.’
    leaving, going, going away, going off, leave-taking, withdrawal, exit, egress, quitting, decamping, retreat, retirement
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