Definition of retile in English:



[with object]
  • Tile (a room or surface) again.

    • ‘The bathroom and the floor were supposed to be retiled and new slabs laid on the driveway, she said.’
    • ‘One 700-ft-long busy passageway needs retiling and relighting.’
    • ‘Their first step was a major cosmetic overhaul, updating the house with simplicity and consistency in mind: sanding down textured walls and ceilings, painting, refinishing wood floors, replacing chandeliers, and retiling counters.’
    • ‘Unfortunately the tiles are now far more obvious, and as they are a kind of greenish brown they look rather tasteless, but unless I retile the whole room, and change the bath, sink and toilet I'm stuck with them.’
    • ‘We understand what people are saying but we won't be carrying out any more improvements in the near future, other than to retile the underpass.’
    • ‘Inside, the leaks were stopped, the floors retiled, and the beautiful stained glass was cleaned and outside you can now look up to fine white verandahs and pretty cupolas.’
    • ‘It's just I've been retiling the bathroom today and I'm beginning to feel like a proper workman.’
    • ‘The local swimming pool, from whence I am just returned, is repainting and retiling.’
    • ‘They spent the day re-painting tired-looking dog kennels which house some of the hundreds of animals brought in to the centre for care each year, and helped to retile part of the building's reception area.’
    • ‘This is why our simple kitchen updating has inspired us to retile our fireplace in the family room and tear out the master bathroom cabinetry.’
    • ‘Locals won't notice many changes in the first six months, but Brown said they plan to retile, add a stage, and someday even have additional stores in other cities.’
    • ‘So is it normal practice to have to retile an indoor swimming pool after only eight years?’
    • ‘The entrance floor also needs to be sealed, the bathroom mirrors hung, the porch retiled, shelves put up and a safety rail fitted on the balustrade.’
    • ‘A west-facing 15 sq m roof would currently cost #16 200 to retile with solar panels.’
    • ‘Structures have been strengthened, archways rebuilt, mosaic floors retiled and chapels repainted - lavender blue, daffodil yellow, sunset red.’
    • ‘The centre point is still the large dance floor with the dark, low-ceiling tunnel bar area adjacent, but the floors have been retiled, the walls painted and a new bar added at the top of the stairs.’