Definition of retighten in English:



[with object]
  • Tighten again; make tighter.

    ‘loosen the tourniquet every hour or so and then retighten it’
    • ‘‘Well,’ Adam grunted as he retightened the cinch on the horse's saddle, ‘it did.’’
    • ‘Repression of intellectuals was eased, only to be retightened at any sign of dissent.’
    • ‘While there is also support for retightening the rules in the U.S. House of Representatives, leaders in that chamber are opposed and may prevent a similar measure from moving forward.’
    • ‘Just loosen the screw near the top of the trigger and slide it in the desired direction, then retighten the screw.’
    • ‘Once the seal bolts were retightened and made watertight, the crew started to load the tubes with the experimental mines.’
    • ‘I had to reach around his waist to grab the loose end of the belt and retightened it with a series of sharp tugs.’
    • ‘Most of the time, fixing or replacing loose bushings means backing them out, applying a thread locking compound, retightening them and forgetting immediate future concerns.’
    • ‘Angel retightened his grip on the ex-Watcher's arm and pulled him away from the desk.’
    • ‘He quickly retightened the straps around his boots, snatched his weapon from off the wall, and then grabbed his helmet from its resting place on one of the four bed posts.’
    • ‘The paraglider pilot never released the towline but had he done so before it retightened the incident would have been prevented’
    • ‘If the knot is taking a lot of stress, it will usually work itself loose, or let the line slip through, which is never good as it forces you to retighten the line repeatedly in a session of slacking.’
    • ‘If it is still too tight you can loosen the kickstand-side outer nut, back the cone up about 1/4 turn and retighten.’
    • ‘He loosened and then retightened his grip on the sword's decorative hilt, readying to attack.’
    • ‘I took off my kneeboard and retightened my straps.’
    • ‘Then screw the rod in about 1/8 inch, retighten the lock nut against the fitting, and test.’
    • ‘Well, I say my bike was completely unaffected - I had to stop a few miles down the course and completely retighten my mudguard bolts, as they were rattling like mad and doing my head in.’
    • ‘Moreover, the drop in stock prices and higher corporate bond yields have retightened financial conditions and offset the Fed's earlier stimulus.’
    • ‘Public interest groups denounced the move, and legislators retightened some of the rules.’
    • ‘He retightened all hubs in accordance with technical order instructions.’