Definition of reticence in English:



mass noun
  • The quality of being reticent; reserve.

    ‘the traditional emotional reticence of the British’
    • ‘Yet there was continual evidence of reticence among even supposed supporters.’
    • ‘That said, the compression and reticence of Italian high modernist poetry are still prominent stylistic features in Italian verse.’
    • ‘He radiated a peculiar combination of warmth and reticence; a combination which suggested he would remain perfectly pleasant, so long as one kept a reasonable distance.’
    • ‘The reticence of our style, chosen, we thought, as appropriate to the forum, requires each reader to substantiate our claims on their own.’
    • ‘This really very scary Japanese ghost story from director Hideo Nakata exerts a chilling grip with its icy calm and eerie reticence.’
    reserve, introversion, restraint, inhibition, diffidence, shyness, modesty, distance, undemonstrativeness
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