Definition of retest in English:



[with object]
Pronunciation /riːˈtɛst/
  • Test (someone or something) again.

    • ‘Artificial sweeteners have been tested and retested in recent years, and the overwhelming majority of research suggests that they cause no harmful effects in healthy individuals.’
    • ‘Seven years later in 1956 he followed up the results by retesting the group.’
    • ‘Hopefully we'll retest it, it will go into clinical trials and it will help somebody.’
    • ‘Further, if one horse tests positive, other horses that came on the same plane may also need to be retested.’
    • ‘Last spring, I was informed I would need to be retested for my disability.’
    • ‘They test and retest recipes to see what makes the best cookie, cake or ham.’
    • ‘With their plethora of wonderful tunes, his mélodies appear spontaneous, but this was the result of extremely hard labour, in which every word and every chord was tested and retested.’
    • ‘For example, when a test has to be recalled because information has been stolen, even those who had nothing to do with the scandal don't get their test scored and have to be retested.’
    • ‘Your system should be tested and retested, not just by you, but also by a third party.’
    • ‘One of the devices had already been tested in our labs, but we retested it once again under the same conditions as the others for a correct comparison.’
    • ‘I was being retested after a previous result came back ‘inconclusive.’’
    • ‘Comparable results are found, too, in the Concordia University study which has retested a few hundred men 40 years after their original test on recruitment to the Canadian armed services in World War II.’
    • ‘The project of retesting the elements of the seed-storage theory fell to the new director of the Wind River Experiment Station, Leo Isaac.’
    • ‘We set up our instruments, retesting the sound of Cooper's keyboard.’
    • ‘The infants were retested at nine months of age.’
    • ‘Every new feature is tested and then retested and then meticulously scheduled to enter the production build.’
    • ‘Next day, the volunteers were divided into three groups and retested.’
    • ‘The children were retested with appropriate levels of tests at the end of the first, second and third years of the study.’
    • ‘After six months I'll return to be retested for empirical proof of whether I achieved my own physical and mental goals.’
    • ‘The infected patients were treated and then retested after 2-3 months of treatment or after 6-8 months when treatment ended.’


Pronunciation /ˈriːtɛst/
  • An act of retesting someone or something.

    ‘he was freed on bond days after the retest and now is seeking a pardon’
    • ‘I need some help on the English assignment, and seems to me you'll need some tutoring before the math retest.’
    • ‘I spent last month trying to talk a neighbor's mother into letting her 19-year-old daughter take her retests in a leading pharmaceutical college.’
    • ‘We did two more ‘sessions’ before he took the retest, and the effort paid off - 71%, almost a B.’
    • ‘Only two of the 12 reacted to the large dose of MSG but not the placebo in the retest.’
    • ‘Representative plates from retests of mutant candidates are shown.’
    • ‘He was running a complex array of benchmarks, and occasionally running retests.’
    • ‘The form also included a tear-off sheet that solicited participant phone numbers for follow-up; these were number-coded to match the original questionnaire and retained for tracking retests.’
    • ‘The retest date is there because drugs can lose their potency with time.’
    • ‘The study has been prompted by the fact the number of retests has more than doubled since 1999.’
    • ‘The results of the camera movement retest are shown in Table 4.’
    • ‘Across the entire sample, 52.7% of the inconsistent pairs were switched on retest, with only 6.9% of the ten randomly selected consistent choices switched on retest.’
    • ‘I find out the final results of my retests next week.’
    • ‘Typically, students would first sit for these exams in the 9th or 10th grade and enjoy multiple opportunities for retests.’
    • ‘They're so confident that if you don't pass your test at the license bureau after completing their program, they'll pay for the retest.’
    • ‘In this study we used data from each of the three retests: Time 2, Time 3, and Time 4.’
    • ‘She knew that she could press ahead - and try to pass a retest in a month or two - but faculty members encouraged her to think about repeating her second-year coursework instead.’
    • ‘The retests were essentially a repeat of steps 3 and 6, only with 10-15 vials per line instead of only 3.’
    • ‘These retests should also deter a driver from consuming alcohol while driving.’
    • ‘My cholesterol began to edge up with each retest.’
    • ‘How about this; I vote we go for mandatory 5 or 10 year retests.’