Definition of reteach in English:



[with object]
  • Teach (someone or something) again.

    ‘the old woman in the fairy tale reteaches us how it is done’
    • ‘Children were lacking prerequisite basic skills that had to be retaught before introduction of a new skill.’
    • ‘Teach these tools during orientation and reteach them continuously throughout ongoing training at staff meetings during the summer.’
    • ‘The simple arts of infantry, patrolling, observation, relating to people, have to be retaught, over and over.’
    • ‘And they slowly, painfully, retaught themselves the importance of combined arms and the tight integration of suppressive fire with movement.’
    • ‘She regressed to the level of a five-year-old and she had to be retaught everything - to walk and talk.’
    • ‘Maybe mommy should reteach him the systems of measurement.’
    • ‘I sat down and retaught myself this unit and worked hard for it.’
    • ‘The politics of behaviour is essentially about how we reteach these common decencies.’
    • ‘This morning, when I got up, it was as if I had to reteach myself how everything in my house worked from complicated things such as the coffee machine to simple things such as a glass of water.’
    • ‘In order to do this, we need to reteach the children of our schools the basic rules of the bully/nerd relationship.’
    • ‘We began new math electives to reteach basic skills.’
    • ‘He had to reteach me everything from the beginning - from basic tap swings on the bars, to how to jump correctly on the board for vault, to almost everything.’
    • ‘He told her everything she needed to know, even though it would be lost and he'd have to reteach it tomorrow.’
    • ‘Our analysis identified the following modifications: reteaching the material, using instructional materials, prompting/cueing, modeling, changing the task, and giving students more practice on the task.’
    • ‘I doubt he intentionally called the woman, but I think it would be wise to reteach him how to shield his aura.’
    • ‘In addition, it wastes valuable instructional time because of the reteaching and relearning that eventually must occur.’
    • ‘In effect, you'll have to reteach her with a new, proper click sound.’
    • ‘I would like to see exactly how much time I need to waste reteaching these materials.’