Definition of retardation in English:



mass noun
  • The action of delaying or slowing the progress or development of something.

    ‘the goals of treatment include retardation of disease progression’
    • ‘The retardation of ribcage growth may effectively set the limit of functional compensation that can be achieved.’
    • ‘Under heavy braking, the gearbox changes down flawlessly, giving increased retardation.’
    • ‘He appeared to have some psychomotor retardation with minimal eye contact.’
    • ‘Congenital retardation seems to doom many of the individual's interests to frustration.’
    • ‘Fetuses and children exposed to incinerator dioxins suffered liver damage and retardation of sexual and brain development.’
    • ‘Animals receiving heavy doses of alcohol showed retardation of hepatic repair.’
    • ‘He explained that he used the word 'normal' only in the context of a concern for growth retardation.’
    • ‘The retardation of proton escape from the membrane surface was previously explained by the damping effect of immobile pH buffer at the surface.’
    • ‘There is nothing here to suggest retardation of this normal sequence of events.’
    • ‘This is a consequence of the considerable retardation of plasma flow through the layer over this range.’