Definition of retailer in English:



  • 1A person or business that sells goods to the public in relatively small quantities for use or consumption rather than for resale.

    ‘the big supermarkets have forced many independent retailers out of business’
    ‘Europe's biggest fashion retailer’
    • ‘To create knowledge for use with targeted selling, retailers must employ some method of customer analysis.’
    • ‘Many retailers are unaware of the opportunities each customer represents.’
    • ‘Something I notice with most retailers is that any business planning they do does not involve customers.’
    • ‘Current trends suggest six or fewer global food retailers will evolve over the next few years.’
    • ‘The lawsuit is not expected to affect availability of product for retailers during the introductory season next year.’
    • ‘The soybean seed treatment business will continue to be the growth market for retailers, followed by wheat.’
    • ‘Retailers operate in a fast-paced environment where customers can dictate time management.’
    • ‘I recently met with the management team of a successful retailer.’
    • ‘The major tier or chain is of very large farms connected by contract to very large processors connected to very large retailers.’
    • ‘Several programmes are available to retailers to help them educate customers about the benefits of adequate fertilizer application.’
  • 2A person who relates the details of a story or incident to others.

    ‘as a writer I see myself as a retailer of Big Ideas’
    • ‘The retailer of the anecdote intends it to impart a message, the success of which depends on the degree to which the hearer regards the anecdote as factual.’
    • ‘Certain changes of language rendered it impossible for the retailer of the story to collect a sufficiently large audience.’
    • ‘The anecdote reached a peak of popularity at the end of the century, partly as a result of the influence of Boswell as a retailer of anecdotes.’
    • ‘The movies were the primary retailers of the myth, and Hollywood failed dismally in its attempts to sell the dangers of the international conspiracy.’
    • ‘Retailers of the legend seem stupefied by Tamerlane, never knowing whether to praise him for his military prowess or shudder at his ferocity.’
    • ‘She is an excellent retailer of stories.’
    • ‘They are now the retailers of tales and nonsense.’
    • ‘Thoroughly unsophisticated, they are ready victims for any retailers of fairy tales who come along.’
    • ‘What makes Ovid so special and powerful in comparison with the many inventors and retailers of stories competing for attention?’
    • ‘He is supposed by the retailers of the fable to have had knowledge of the mock consecration.’