Definition of retail therapy in English:

retail therapy


mass nounhumorous
  • The practice of shopping in order to make oneself feel more cheerful.

    ‘stop for a reviving cafe au lait or a glass of wine before setting off for more retail therapy’
    • ‘But the pressure to stay up-to-date, which is insurmountable for some, is more likely to be seen as retail therapy for this stylish bunch.’
    • ‘People have been spending money on Rue Sainte Catherine since Roman times, so as you meander along think of all the millions who have sought solace in retail therapy since AD 56.’
    • ‘I was ecstatic - I had not been shopping for so long and this was like retail therapy for all the months I had been deprived of trying on clothes!’
    • ‘If you've learned to live below your means and steer clear of keeping up with the Joneses, this sense of financial security you enjoy is far more gratifying than any spell of retail therapy!’
    • ‘Today James Carleton guides us through that most untested of psychological self-help techniques - retail therapy.’
    • ‘She had promised to meet Laura and Toni in town for some retail therapy and she didn't want to keep them waiting.’
    • ‘Model Sophie Anderton battled a 10-year addiction to cocaine but said she used retail therapy to help fight her cravings, buying more than 400 pairs of Gina shoes.’
    • ‘Ferrick can be forgiven for a little retail therapy; she's under a lot of pressure these days.’
    • ‘Both of us went to the mall yesterday right after school to do some retail therapy.’
    • ‘The Big Apple must be one of the most exciting places in the world for both retail therapy and pre-Christmas shopping.’
    • ‘Some retail therapy may be extremely pleasurable, but dragging home the week's groceries or trudging around city-centres to the bank or building society can be no fun at all.’
    • ‘Now come on, slap some make up on and let's go do some retail therapy!’
    • ‘Whether we're out doing a bit of retail therapy in the shops or calling around looking to renew car insurance, we're always pleased to get a little more for our money.’
    • ‘The branch of Mango just across the road from our hotel whetted our appetites, but for a more intense dose of retail therapy, as well as an insight into Canarian life, head for the island's capital, Las Palmas.’
    • ‘Lilly asked me to come to the mall with her, for, um, some retail therapy,’ I nodded my total agreement.’
    • ‘2 hours later and a large number of shopping bags between us we returned home fully cheered and relaxed after a good deal of much needed retail therapy.’
    • ‘The town itself offers a multitude of upmarket shopping malls to explore retail therapy Malaysian style, alongside plenty of ethnic Chinese, Malay and Indian restaurants to try out local delicacies.’
    • ‘Recently I was idly passing my time waiting in a shopping centre car park, a favourite haunt of husbands on Saturday mornings while their wives engage in retail therapy.’
    • ‘One in seven respondents says they go shopping for a dose of retail therapy, and another 10 percent go on a vacation.’
    • ‘We stood up, heading off into the busy town for some traditional retail therapy.’


retail therapy