Definition of retail price maintenance in English:

retail price maintenance


  • another term for resale price maintenance
    • ‘With retail price maintenance embodied in law, the only way in which it was felt that Woolworths could compete against the more established and specialist music retailers was to develop a cheaper alternative - budget music.’
    • ‘‘This is the end of retail price maintenance on products and is great news for our customers,’ a Sainsbury's spokesman said.’
    • ‘In the last year of Conservative government, Heath, as president of the Board of Trade, surprised many by introducing controversial legislation to abolish retail price maintenance.’
    • ‘In recent years they have lobbied successfully against Sunday trading laws, restrictions on opening hours, the net book agreement, retail price maintenance for pharmaceuticals, and a proposed tax on their polluting car parks.’
    • ‘Unfair discrimination and retail price maintenance (setting a minimum price for goods) will also be outlawed.’