Definition of retail bank in English:

retail bank


  • A bank that offers banking services to individuals and small businesses, as opposed to one dealing with large corporations and financial institutions.

    ‘one of the strongest retail banks in Japan’
    • ‘Over 100 more retail bank branches throughout the country will close if Ireland's two leading banks were to merge.’
    • ‘A retail bank will find it hard to generate the synergies that come with an in-market transaction.’
    • ‘When I worked for a retail bank, the loan officer was more important than me.’
    • ‘A further shake-up of its US interests could lead to the sale of a retail bank and buying at least a part of the ING Barings business there.’
    • ‘The scam has hit large retail banks in the US, Australia, New Zealand and mainland Europe in the past year.’
    • ‘Two of France's biggest retail banks are merging to form France's biggest retail bank after Agricole.’
    • ‘One of the largest retail banks of Australia has set up shop in India.’
    • ‘Retail banks are sprouting up across the country and the ever-growing acceptance of Internet banking hasn't slowed the pace.’
    • ‘Many consider this to be the best retail bank in the country.’
    • ‘His main concern is that retail banks have been providing investment banking services.’