Definition of resupply in English:



  • 1 Provide with a fresh supply.

    ‘he planned to use 216 Squadron to resupply his force’
    • ‘As ATP is depleted, your body begins burning glucose and glycogen (complex-sugar/carbohydrate reserve) to resupply depleted muscles.’
    • ‘The first strength is probably the most important; a defender can more quickly shift forces to resupply existing forces, shore up defense where it is needed, and counterattack.’
    • ‘How long would it take to disembark the prisoners, resupply the ship?’
    • ‘In December the research ship Aurora Australis arrived at Davis delivering the new winter crew, resupplying the station for the next season and picking up Sgt. Botting and his colleagues.’
    • ‘We resupplied our groceries and from then on provided our own kitchen staff and cooked our own meals.’
    • ‘Russian space vehicles have been resupplying the station and ferrying crews since the Columbia disaster.’
    • ‘The patrons' tables are constantly resupplied with clear, cool, tart pomegranate juice and hot, flat white bread extracted with long-handled wooden spatulas from the ovens through openings in the walls.’
    • ‘A decreased level will result in the sale of an asset to the customer that does not have to be resupplied - no obligation.’
    • ‘All that really could be done was continuously resupply her blood.’
    • ‘More importantly, they were limited to resupplying bases on the riverbanks.’
    • ‘After trucks fought their way through hostile towns to resupply us, I found myself hoarding rations like a shipwreck survivor.’
    • ‘The range of many weapons is limited by the capacity of their fuel tanks, and efforts to resupply them create a military Achilles' heel.’
    • ‘A wastewater treatment system resupplies toilets and provides make-up water for the cooling tower.’
    • ‘Units range anywhere from one to four points, depending on usefulness, as do ally headquarters, which are used for resupplying ammunition to units, which in this game is, almost tragically, quite limited.’
    • ‘The regiment will fill an empty slot for that HQ, and will be able to be automatically resupplied if they are within the borders of your area.’
    • ‘Logistics soldiers resupplied the force on a massive scale.’
    • ‘We're very independent on patrol, self-sufficient for seven days and able to be resupplied either by air or road so patrols can stay in the field for as long as needed.’
    • ‘This planning usually results in logistics estimates or concepts of support and includes detailed plans on how, where, and sometimes when units will be resupplied.’
    • ‘The Third Panzer Division had to be resupplied totally by air.’
    • ‘However, the islands' position astride mid-Atlantic shipping lanes made Cape Verde an ideal location for resupplying ships.’
    fill, refill, refresh, freshen, replenish, recharge, resupply
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    1. 1.1[no object]Acquire a fresh supply.
      ‘phase two envisaged a period to regroup and resupply’
      • ‘To keep the company resupplied with mortar rounds, the company executive officer and the first sergeant and mortar section sergeant must work together on a daily basis.’
      • ‘Not many places to resupply along the way, and the ones there are charge a pretty penny for their goods.’
      • ‘He's going to leave a trail, every time he talks, every time he spends money, every time he eats and resupplies it's becoming easier.’
      • ‘The regiment was then marching to Fort Laramie to resupply before joining Brigadier General George Crook's Big Horn and Yellowstone Expedition in northern Wyoming.’
      • ‘Honor was running short of supplies at this point, and so turned back to resupply.’
      • ‘Repair and resupply when the opportunity presents itself.’
      • ‘We don't want any trouble, we are just going to resupply and then leave for Solo Mountain.’
      • ‘Then she stormed out of the bridge, just as she cried, ‘Take us to Androsia… we need to resupply anyways!’’
      • ‘Aretmis was to proceed at best speed to Glory, resupply there and then take up position in the Wurtuy system.’
      • ‘The aircraft returned to its base, resupplied and tried to deliver more relief to another town.’
      • ‘The crew refuelled, resupplied and cleaned Alexander in preparation for the oncoming crew.’
      • ‘Find a suitable anchor until we can complete our resupplying.’
      • ‘A new approach to Logistics is evinced by resupplying only as needed, rapidly exploiting contracting assets in theater, and requiring a commonality of vehicle parts.’
      • ‘If you really want, you might be able to get some new clothes when we resupply, in about a week.’
      • ‘Andònië and Hildor were resupplying at the market.’
      • ‘But with shared awareness, the remains of the Armada could have regrouped and still had a good chance to win, or at least to resupply in the nearby Spanish Netherlands and attack again later.’
      • ‘What we can do is leave a small group here and resupply with our shuttles.’
      • ‘As long as there is one troop from that regiment left alive, and the regiment is in supply, the regiment will resupply back to full strength and to a full number of units.’
      • ‘Airen was waiting on Pier Seven the next morning, her satchel resupplied after having spent the last of her savings from home on quill pens, ink, and parchment.’
      • ‘As a last resort, Fort Limhi would offer a place to rest and resupply in a staged move north to the Bitterroot Valley and the upper Missouri region.’
      replenish, stock up, restock, resupply, refill, top up
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  • An act or instance of resupplying something or being resupplied.

    ‘a resupply became essential’
    • ‘The majority of contracts will prohibit the sharing, redistribution or resupply of the service/broadband.’
    • ‘The International Space Station does indeed have plenty of reserve oxygen following a resupply on Christmas Day.’
    • ‘With dogsleds and air-dropped resupplies - ‘a logistical nightmare,’ according to Steger - the team traversed 3,800 miles from the Antarctic Peninsula past the South Pole to Russia's Mirnyy Station.’
    • ‘He noted that the Columbia's perishables were low, but the three ships had originally been slated to stop at the colony on Frisia for both resupply and a rendezvous with the frigate tender Diligent.’
    • ‘The small resupply of food stores was completed.’
    • ‘Gavin Tennent, the merchandising manager, said: ‘They have been flying off the shelves and lots of our retail outlets have requested resupplies.’’
    • ‘The others head for the restrooms or skulk to the vending machines for a resupply of chips and Dew.’
    • ‘Gamma and Delta Fleets headed back to Glory and Hera respectively to allow a resupply.’
    • ‘Talk about just in time: The approach can save months, compared to waiting for resupply.’
    • ‘Both superpowers sent airborne resupplies to their allies during the heat of battle.’
    • ‘It handled wonderfully, was speedy for an aircraft of its immense size, and had a promising future in a military in need of support and resupply around the world.’
    • ‘The insurgents are threatening to starve the city or at least make food resupplies difficult.’
    • ‘Not only were there more resources that could be put into action but also the relative cost of doing so went down as improvements in transportation allowed the military continuous resupply.’
    • ‘In 1994 he became the first man to travel solo, and without assistance or resupply, to the North Pole.’
    • ‘On the other hand, you still need a base and you still need the infrastructure that you had with the carrier, but certainly the resupply would be a lot easier, so land-based certainly has a lot of benefits.’
    • ‘A mid-trip packer resupply, two layover days, and delicious food reward the fit, experienced backpacker.’
    • ‘From its runway, a conglomerate of Marine, navy, and army squadrons defended the local air space, eventually permitting resupply and reinforcement.’
    • ‘By 1781, British General Lord Charles Cornwallis was ordered to march into Virginia to await resupply near Chesapeake Bay.’
    • ‘We will have no outside assistance, no air resupplies and will ski every mile under our own motive power.’