Definition of resultative in English:



  • Expressing, indicating, or relating to the outcome of an action.

    • ‘This paper proposes a unified account of the semantic and syntactic properties of certain particle and prefix verbs in German as well as of constructions involving resultative and depictive predicates.’
    • ‘Applying this agenda to the resultative construction, one might search for semantic or other constraints on the construction's acceptability.’
    • ‘The need for resultative complements is dictated by the fact that most Chinese verbal morphemes themselves only encode the meaning of the action phase but not the result phase.’
    • ‘This crosslinguistic asymmetry has not received an entirely satisfactory explanation, despite the fact that resultative predication has been widely discussed from a variety of perspectives.’
    • ‘The analysis will then be extended to resultative and depictive secondary predicates in sections 4 and 5, and will be compared to some of the syntactically based alternatives that have been proposed in the literature.’


  • A resultative verb, conjunction, or clause.

    • ‘The question raised from this semantics is, where does the causative interpretation of resultatives come from?’
    • ‘We have argued that all of resultatives, depictives, and quasi-serials in languages like English, and serial verbs under their various interpretations, have essentially the same structure.’