Definition of resubmit in English:



[with object]
  • Submit (something, such as a plan, application, or resignation) again.

    • ‘‘We will continue to talk to the planners and we are resubmitting an application,’ he said.’
    • ‘Use the new circumstances as the basis for resubmitting the plan.’
    • ‘I encourage students to resubmit their work if they are not satisfied with their grade.’
    • ‘Only five out of nine centres responded within four months by resubmitting their data.’
    • ‘This delay will not be entirely the fault of journals: some of the authors will have been inefficient in resubmitting their manuscripts.’
    • ‘St George plans to examine the public feedback from its plans before resubmitting them at the beginning of next year.’
    • ‘Because five new churches had joined the association and several of these churches had not instructed their delegates how to vote, the issue was resubmitted to the congregations.’
    • ‘I was actually reassured by this but six months later I was requested to resubmit my claim because my salary details were incorrect.’
    • ‘Authors who had already submitted too-long articles were invited to revise and resubmit them.’
    • ‘Though the board of directors recommended a vote against the resolution, it won 6.9% of the voting shares, which means the shareholders can resubmit the proposal next year.’
    • ‘In the event of an improper vote, the scanner rejects the ballot and the voter corrects the mistake and resubmits it.’
    • ‘And, hey, if you're not chosen the first time around, you can resubmit your film the following month.’
    • ‘In these statistics I have counted each manuscript only once, even if (as happens in most cases) it was returned to the author after review and was later resubmitted.’
    • ‘You may want to resubmit your portfolio if you find your work has changed.’
    • ‘Paperwork has been resubmitted to get the booking system project restarted.’
    • ‘Under current legislation, planning permissions last for two years only before they have to be resubmitted, meaning developers will have to apply bit by bit for planning permission for residential development on the land.’
    • ‘Something has to motivate the scientist to keep on submitting to refereed journals even when she keeps getting rejected, or to revise and resubmit a paper five times until the editor is satisfied.’
    • ‘‘I will consider resubmitting the bill, taking public opinion into consideration,’ Mr. Hong said.’
    • ‘This is equivalent to resubmitting a task with the addition that initial input data can be different from the original task.’
    • ‘In terms of funding, we were invited to resubmit our initial proposal to the Economic and Social Research Council, and were successful with our second, somewhat smaller-scale version.’