Definition of restroom in English:



  • 1British A room in a public building for people to relax or recover in.

  • 2North American A toilet in a public building.

    • ‘The building, formerly an architect's office, has the unique architectural feature that you must go outside and around the side to use the restrooms.’
    • ‘I spoke before about our new project for managing the water coming from the restrooms of our visitor center.’
    • ‘As we neared home, a few minutes from descending to the airport, she went to the restroom to powder up her nose.’
    • ‘He stood up and started the long walk to the public restrooms at the edge of the beach.’
    • ‘Random conversations with people I've met in elevators, restrooms, and grocery stores have yielded beaders, clayers, knitters, glassblowers and others.’
    • ‘Sandwiched by newly built school buildings, the building is a simple structure for public restrooms.’
    • ‘‘You won't find any restrooms here honey, but I can point you in the way of the outhouse,’ she told her, amusement shining in her eyes.’
    • ‘The bars offer a diverse menu, good wine by the glass, and - perhaps most important to their female patrons - clean restrooms.’
    • ‘Also offer an attractive restroom with fresh flowers and name-brand toiletries.’
    • ‘When you don't have any restrooms for one thing, and you're not sure what's going to be in the food or what it's going to be made of, it's not that difficult to just not eat.’
    • ‘This includes the building shell in one of several styles, with high ceilings, elevated floors for air plenum and cable access, and a fixed core with restrooms, elevators, and stairs.’
    • ‘Taking my time inside the restroom, I fixed my hair and every little detail in my outfit.’
    • ‘Requests for more parking and more public restrooms led the list.’
    • ‘The remodeling will include new floor paving, renovated restrooms, new millwork and upgraded entrances at the mall, built in 1990.’
    • ‘For most of his adult life, Scott Rogers had been a park ranger at Yosemite, landing his first job cleaning restrooms while he was still in collage.’
    • ‘Wash your hands after visits to the restrooms and breakrooms and also remember that shopping and any trips to public places can result in exposure to infections.’
    • ‘Water from the restrooms is treated and recycled.’
    • ‘‘You are now free to move about the cabin,’ came through the speakers followed by a beep and I excused myself, rushing to the back of the airplane for the restrooms.’
    • ‘They have the uniform graphic clarity of corporate logos and informational signage - think of the skirted female and stark male marking the doors of public restrooms.’
    • ‘The common female pictogram usually appears on women's restrooms, and the figure typically has the outline of a skirt.’
    lavatory, wc, water closet, convenience, public convenience, facilities, urinal, privy, latrine, outhouse, earth closet, jakes
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