Definition of restrictive covenant in English:

restrictive covenant


  • A covenant imposing a restriction on the use of land so that the value and enjoyment of adjoining land will be preserved.

    • ‘There are private alternatives to solving collective action problems, such as restrictive covenants among property owners to maintain their neighborhood's historic allure.’
    • ‘Thus leases and liens may be protected by notice, as well as rights such as equitable mortgages, estate contracts and restrictive covenants.’
    • ‘A would-be developer may be faced with difficulties of many different kinds, in the way of site assembly or securing the discharge of restrictive covenants.’
    • ‘Stephen Davies argues that real estate market practices and restrictive covenants were highly effective in regulating urban growth in Britain between 1740 and 1850, in the absence of public urban planning.’
    • ‘Unlike most residential associations, there are no restrictive covenants on the architecture in Arden, and it does not need them, since the houses are pleasantly different from one another, and very well maintained.’