Definition of restriction enzyme in English:

restriction enzyme

(also restriction endonuclease)


  • An enzyme produced chiefly by certain bacteria, that has the property of cleaving DNA molecules at or near a specific sequence of bases.

    • ‘The presence of a particular mutation may create or destroy a restriction site, and the DNA fragments produced following restriction enzyme digestion show characteristic banding patterns when electrophoretically separated.’
    • ‘After all, in nature we can and do observe bacteria using restriction endonucleases and ligases to cut DNA.’
    • ‘This library effectively consists of all the DNA present in the micro organism; this DNA is cut, or cleaved, with restriction enzymes, so that it is in fragments.’
    • ‘The term restriction endonuclease was given to this class of bacterially derived enzymes since they were identified as being involved in restricting the growth of certain bacteriophages.’
    • ‘The cDNA is digested with a restriction enzyme (anchoring enzyme) that cleaves the cDNA into fragments of approximately 256 base pairs.’