Definition of restorative justice in English:

restorative justice


mass noun
  • A system of criminal justice which focuses on the rehabilitation of offenders through reconciliation with victims and the community at large.

    • ‘But more and more countries are thinking there might be something to restorative justice.’
    • ‘She notes that restorative justice can be used at the front end of the justice system to divert young offenders.’
    • ‘Maori justice is essentially restorative justice, and restorative justice can lead us forward.’
    • ‘Restorative justice was not about being soft on crime.’
    • ‘He also helped set up the restorative justice scheme, whereby young offenders meet the victims of their crimes.’
    • ‘Lawyers asked the judge to allow the boy, 14 at the time, to participate in a restorative justice process.’
    • ‘Their case has been referred to the city's restorative justice committee.’
    • ‘The authors set out their intention to examine recent attempts to integrate elements of 'restorative justice' into the youth justice system.’
    • ‘The report called for the use of restorative justice instead of custodial sentences.’
    • ‘More than 150 young offenders have taken part in restorative justice conferences, the majority of them involving victims.’
    • ‘Restorative justice emphasised the active involvement of crime victims in the justice process.’
    • ‘A restorative justice scheme has been introduced at two secondary schools in the borough.’
    • ‘Prison can also be part of a sentencing package under restorative justice.’
    • ‘The group offers a last chance to heroin dealers who are willing to take part in restorative justice projects, essentially voluntary work in the community.’
    • ‘He argues for more community involvement and a holistic approach focusing on restorative justice initiatives.’
    • ‘I do volunteer work in the fields of restorative justice, dealing with youth offenders, and citizen advocacy for people with schizophrenia.’
    • ‘The things that she does in her courtroom are really part of the new wave in restorative justice, having victims confront their assailants, assailants apologize.’
    • ‘These sanctions mark a move towards restorative justice, which depends largely on the willingness of the victim to be involved.’
    • ‘Emphasizing the advantages of restorative justice, the author argues that a truth commission is a good way of dealing with the past in a period of transition.’
    • ‘She's as baffled as I am that restorative justice, as a concept, is so widely ignored or pooh-poohed.’