Definition of restitutio in integrum in English:

restitutio in integrum


mass nounLaw
  • Restoration of an injured party to the situation which would have prevailed had no injury been sustained; restoration to the original or pre-contractual position.

    • ‘They demand a return to the status quo ante and restitutio in integrum as those matters are understood at common law.’
    • ‘The purpose of an award of interest is to achieve restitutio in integrum.’
    • ‘The fundamental principle [of the European Court] underlying the award of compensation is that the court should achieve what it describes as restitutio in integrum.’
    • ‘The relevant principle in the law of tort is restitutio in integrum.’
    • ‘The question would therefore arise whether, in view of the part performance of the Agreements, restitutio in integrum was possible.’


Latin, literally ‘restoration to the whole (i.e. uninjured) state’.


restitutio in integrum

/rɛstɪˌtjuːtɪəʊ ɪn ɪnˈtɛɡrəm/