Definition of restharrow in English:



  • A sticky Old World plant of the pea family, which has pink flowers and creeping woody stems with spines.

    • ‘Other flowers present that are now scarce in Suffolk include spiny restharrow and the yellow flowered sulphur clover.’
    • ‘Common restharrow should be planted in spring in an open sunny position in well-drained, lime-rich soil.’
    • ‘Although Restharrow is not commonly used in skin care preparations in topical form, and is mostly used internally for urinary tract infection, we have found that it compliments the other botanical extract that we have combined in our Rejuvenating Toner, and for this reason it is included in the formulation.’


Mid 16th century: from obsolete rest ‘stop, arrest’ + harrow (because the tough stems impeded the progress of a harrow).