Definition of restauration in English:



  • 1The restoration of something material to its proper or original condition; especially (a) restoration of the body to health; (also) a restorative, a cure; (b) the renovation of a building or buildings.

  • 2Specifically. The return of the Jews to Israel, ending the Diaspora. rare after 18th cent.


Late Middle English; earliest use found in John Gower (d. 1408), poet. From Anglo-Norman restauracione, Anglo-Norman and Middle French restauracion, Anglo-Norman and Middle French, French restauration action of restoring something to its proper or original condition, renewal of something which has been lost, correction, improvement, re-establishment of a dynasty and its etymon classical Latin restaurātiōn-, restaurātiō renewal, restoration (of a condition) (late 2nd or early 3rd cent. a.d. in legal context), in post-classical Latin also restoration to a former status or position, repair of a building, compensation from restaurāt-, past participial stem of restaurāre + -iō. Compare Old Occitan restauracio, Catalan restauració, Spanish restauración, Portuguese restauração, Italian restaurazione.