Definition of restaurant car in English:

restaurant car


  • A dining car.

    • ‘The members, who were making their third trip to the festival, dined in a 1950s restaurant car as part of the second annual steam gala weekend.’
    • ‘Since then the company has found another 35 carriages, a mixture of restaurant cars, sleepers and Pullmans, all of which have been beautifully restored at workshops in England, Belgium and Germany.’
    • ‘Emma was a customer service assistant in the restaurant car of the train involved in the crash.’
    • ‘But the rain stopped as suddenly as it had begun, and the sun was already steaming the water buffalo dry as a ragged chorus wafted back from the restaurant car.’
    • ‘The company employs 100 chefs who cook more than 200,000 meals which are served each year in first class restaurant cars on the company's mainline trains.’
    • ‘Just entering a crowded restaurant car on the train back to Stockholm on Thursday gave me a brutal headache from the confusion and volume of voices.’
    • ‘The Ministry of Food even gave the railway special dispensation to operate its restaurant car without the requirement for food stamps.’
    • ‘Just before lunch, a dining car waiter came through the train with a food/drink cart and extolled his exceptional dining car meals in German, Hungarian and English - ‘Fabulous, authentic Hungarian cuisine in our restaurant car today.’’
    • ‘Unlike most trains, there are no connecting corridors on the Palace on Wheels; if you're having a drink in the club carriage or dining in the restaurant car you must stay there until the next stop before returning to your compartment.’
    • ‘It had been ‘a blast’, Tiger said, as we shook hands in the restaurant car park. ‘I had a great time today, Tim.’
    • ‘They do not have a restaurant car but they do have a trolley service during the day.’
    • ‘The train, to operate throughout the year, will have 18 coaches including 11 air-conditioned salon cars; one air-conditioned bar car; one conference car; one air-conditioned restaurant car; one staff car; two power cars.’
    • ‘She said that on a solo trip to Edinburgh by train, she decided to sample lunch in the restaurant car.’
    • ‘Now with a second Pullman car and an additional buffet car set to enter traffic, along with a completely refurbished restaurant car, we certainly can't be accused of resting on our laurels.’
    • ‘At 10 o'clock last Monday morning he apologised for the late arrival of the train to Bournemouth that had no restaurant car or buffet service.’
    • ‘Of course, travelling economy class also means no luxurious restaurant car.’


restaurant car