Definition of rest house in English:

rest house


  • (in parts of Asia and Africa) a house or small hotel offering accommodation for travellers.

    • ‘Unfortunately, dusty roads, ill-maintained rest houses and other infrastructure loopholes deter foreigners from making a trip to the country.’
    • ‘In the past, councils were active in clothing manufacturing notably for school establishments, rest houses, motels, hotels and retail trading business.’
    • ‘He refreshed us with piping hot illaichi-chai served in the veranda of the rest house, which commanded an enchanting view of the snow-spangled Kinner-Kailash mountain range.’
    • ‘There's a humble rest house - the simplest possible hut - at the top of the falls.’
    • ‘In spite of the strategic importance of such a rest house, the Motel had seen its zenith in the 50s, when its decor was better appreciated.’
    • ‘And as far as accommodation in Kangra goes, there are plenty of hotels and rest houses.’
    • ‘We had our lunch at the forest rest house near the waterfalls where food is provided to all picnickers at a flat rate.’
    • ‘We spent the night there, in the bare room of a pilgrim's rest house.’
    • ‘He scooped me up and hurried me into the abandoned rest house.’
    • ‘The whole business activities, hotels, rest houses, shops come to a stand still with winter seasons.’
    • ‘He reported that the branch had made so much money during the war that it had purchased real estate, a coal mine and a rest house for the staff.’
    • ‘Separately, three policemen were wounded yesterday as they investigated an explosion that partly destroyed a rest house in a park in the neighboring province of Yala.’
    • ‘He wanted a road to be built along the summit of the hills, land to be set aside as reserves, walking tracks developed, and rest houses to be built along the way.’
    • ‘It is cold at this altitude - 9,000 ft - and we are glad to snuggle into our blankets and quilts at the rest house in Bomdila.’
    • ‘The group also intends to put up a rest house to service those coming from outside Katete.’
    • ‘Close to the temple, on the shoulder of the hill is a forest rest house built in 1933, credited with the barest necessities - no electricity.’
    • ‘The forty-two-acre site of the tomb incorporates courtyards, gardens, a mosque, and a rest house for pilgrims in addition to the mausoleum.’
    • ‘Apart from a museum it has a lodge, a traditional Ndonga rest house and a restaurant with the menu that features traditional Ndonga food.’
    • ‘The idea of being a livestock raiser never occurred to her until nine years ago when Mo was laid off by her former workplace - a State-owned rest house.’
    • ‘The workers wondered whether the two traditional healers who stayed at the rest house for three days before they left for Lusaka, could have accidentally left the snake in the room or it was deliberately left behind.’


rest house