Definition of rest cure in English:

rest cure


  • A period spent in inactivity or leisure with the intention of improving one's physical or mental health.

    • ‘I'm having a rest-cure and I can't see anybody.’
    • ‘This excerpt from Dr. Mitchell's book describes his view of the rest cure as a treatment for women's nervous conditions.’
    • ‘In fact, a woman's natural state was considered innately flawed and rest cures were advised.’
    • ‘Unlike nervous breakdown, neurasthenia generated hosts of suggested, professionally-sponsored remedies, including rest cures under the guidance of doctors and the burgeoning group of mental health professionals.’
    • ‘I just took that decision, when I really needed a rest cure.’
    • ‘The manager prescribed a rest cure for his weary Wanderers after admitting they are feeling the strain in the fight for Premiership respectability.’
    • ‘Ironically, he is at this same moment standing in the corridor outside Jane's room, with two other medical professionals who have come to encourage Jane to seek a rest cure in the psychiatric hospital.’
    • ‘In civilian practice when faced with patients with neurosis and hysteria he developed his "rest cure".’
    • ‘Dennis, who has always been particularly close to him, is concerned about his driver's condition and he believes the rest cure should be enough to get him back to winning form.’
    • ‘The two struck up a relationship that deepened on his subsequent rest cures.’
    • ‘‘Taking care of oneself was not a rest cure,’ he comments, it is ‘a true social practice… an intensification of social relations’.’
    • ‘From being the darling of Wimbledon in 2002, reaching the third round, she had to spend the back end of 2003 seeing if the rest cure would work.’
    • ‘The Run was first built in 1885 by convalescent Englishmen whose physicians had sent them to this pristine corner of Switzerland as a rest cure.’
    • ‘At least for its proponents, the rest cure was not intended to be punitive, but rather preventative.’
    • ‘When Shaun got his knee ligament injury it seemed that John, through a rest cure for his back problem, was on his way back.’


rest cure