Definition of rest (or God rest) his (or her) soul in English:

rest (or God rest) his (or her) soul


  • Used to express a wish that God should grant someone's soul peace.

    • ‘His father - god rest his soul - had been the cook and the eater of the house, and after his death Liam was in charge of the shopping.’
    • ‘MY dear old mum, rest her soul, was not a judgmental sort of lady.’
    • ‘My father - God rest his soul - knew it would happen.’
    • ‘The Republic lost a hell of an asset when he died, God rest his soul.’
    • ‘My husband, god rest his soul, was a hard working man.’
    • ‘His father, god rest his soul, was the owner of a multi-million dollar car company.’
    • ‘I will not tolerate it, because your father, God rest his soul, would not have tolerated it.’
    • ‘When your mother died, God rest her soul, I was so lonely.’
    • ‘To this day, the smell of stale ash reminds me of him, God rest his soul.’
    • ‘Well, we can thank my mom for that, rest her soul.’