Definition of ressentiment in English:



mass noun
  • A psychological state resulting from suppressed feelings of envy and hatred which cannot be satisfied.

    • ‘No doubt there is ressentiment, but it is ressentiment with a multitude of reasons that we need to understand, if not accept.’
    • ‘Such objections can reveal the objectors' ressentiment, but they can also contain some truth.’
    • ‘‘The man of ressentiment is characterised by the invasion of consciousness by mnemonic traces, the ascent of memory into consciousness itself’.’
    • ‘Rousseau's return to nature, he affirms, reeks of reactivity, self-loathing and ressentiment against the aristocratic culture.’
    • ‘The revolt in social ethics begins when ressentiment turns creative and gives death to values-the ressentiment of beings who, deprived of the direct outlet of creativity, compensate by an all too real vengeance.’


Via German (used by Nietzsche in this sense) from French ressentiment ‘feeling’.