Definition of respray in English:



[with object]
Pronunciation /riːˈspreɪ/
  • Spray (something, especially a vehicle) with a new coat of paint.

    ‘they have resprayed their cars to avoid detection’
    • ‘A former driving school car is also easily spotted by the poor panel gaps and resprayed bodywork that come from the numerous minor prangs of learner drivers.’
    • ‘Gardaí now say that the car, which is described as ‘sparkling blue’, was recently resprayed and are anxious to talk to anyone who may have worked on the car.’
    • ‘He was on his way to a garage to have his car resprayed when it spun out of control and went down an embankment.’
    • ‘Every time a stone hits one of those vans, I know that is £500 worth of respraying, and I ask myself who is paying, and the answer is we are.’
    • ‘A police spokesman said that a sharp implement was used to gouge deep scratches in the paintwork of the cars, and some are so badly damaged that they will need to be completely resprayed.’
    • ‘The car was taken to the body shop where it spent the next 14 weeks, being totally disassembled, taken back to bare metal and resprayed.’
    • ‘It was resprayed on Friday and got done again on Saturday night.’
    • ‘I'd had it resprayed a beautiful powder blue and put in a loud sound system and used to rock around the trendy parts of north London feeling pretty smug about myself.’
    • ‘It's not like a stolen car that can be resprayed and given a false number plate.’
    • ‘The graffiti damaged almost the whole passenger side of the car, which the family believe will cost hundreds of pounds to respray.’
    • ‘One of my clearest memories of my early years as a car buff was when my Dad’ s friend Clive resprayed his Morgan in our garage.’
    • ‘While the fact that a car has been resprayed doesn't necessarily indicate its vendor is trying to pull a fast one, it does start to raise concerns.’
    • ‘Then I sent the tank and side casings away to be resprayed in the proper paint.’
    • ‘The entire car will now have to be resprayed costing thousands of euro, in what's been a rather frightening ordeal for the owner and residents in the area.’
    • ‘If you do find some they'll probably be resprayed write-offs.’
    • ‘One store manager quoted in our story today says that his company's premises are regularly targeted and only the other day they had to have a van resprayed.’
    • ‘I had my Porsche resprayed last year by an approved Porsche body shop.’


Pronunciation /ˈriːspreɪ/
  • An instance of respraying something.

    ‘the cost of a respray’
    • ‘I've fixed a lot of minor bodywork problems which have amounted to a virtual respray of the car.’
    • ‘So I am nearly at a stage where the frame is ready for a respray.’
    • ‘How much would a respray cost?’
    • ‘Vandals caused thousands of pounds of damage, because full resprays are required.’
    • ‘However, if you compare these prices against a quote for a respray from a quality bodyshop you may find a difference of at least a thousand pounds.’
    • ‘Up close, though, the shiny black paintwork was revealed to be slightly uneven, with small bubbles under the surface - indicating a shoddy respray.’
    • ‘He was looking at garaging, bodywork and a respray, minimum.’
    • ‘If you've had an accident in it, had a respray, changed the wheels, done much more mileage than you claim, bought it as an import then say so.’
    • ‘I have booked it in for a respray at the end of this month. I want to have all the panels done in a shiny black.’
    • ‘If the paint is as bad as it sounds then a respray might well be the best fix but could be pricey.’
    • ‘Will a respray be perfect?’
    • ‘The long term plan is for a respray and some new wheels.’
    • ‘They quickly found it wasn't just a case of cars being a bit cheekily priced - but of resprays, write-offs, dubious documents and suspicious owners.’
    • ‘The defendant was not liable for the cost of the respray because, having damaged an already damaged car, his negligence was not the cause of the loss.’
    • ‘She says the wheel-arches of her car are ‘almost white’ with chips and the vehicle needs a complete respray because the wings and bonnet have also been damaged.’