Definition of responsive in English:



  • 1Reacting quickly and positively.

    ‘a flexible service that is responsive to changing social patterns’
    • ‘Demanding time scales require logistic units to set up quickly with the minimum deployment footprint yet remain responsive to rapidly changing operational needs.’
    • ‘The engine is instantly responsive to the driver's wishes and, as the gearbox electronics are intelligently set, progress is seamless.’
    • ‘They are metabolically active and extremely sensitive and responsive to rapid changes in the microenvironment about the leaf.’
    • ‘Your character moves quickly and is responsive to all controller commands.’
    • ‘Left-handers seem to be more acutely sensitive and responsive to novelty than right handers.’
    • ‘A key element in this regard is the presence of farm enterprises that are flexible and responsive to the rapidly changing opportunities in today's economy.’
    • ‘Automatic reactions will diminish over time as you become more aware of and responsive to them.’
    • ‘We aim to please and intend to be quickly responsive to market requests whenever possible.’
    • ‘They are currently living within a family unit that is positive, loving and responsive to their needs.’
    • ‘Making educational opportunities responsive to personal needs may help consumers to more quickly gain needed skills.’
    • ‘An effective staffing plan is flexible and responsive to short-term and long-term patient and organizational demands.’
    • ‘What is required is a flexible approach, responsive to the dictates of the facts, case by case.’
    • ‘The only problem that I found with the combos is that the controller sometimes wasn't responsive enough to accept a lot of the button commands, sometimes replying with easier sequences.’
    • ‘Two things are urgently needed to plan an acceptable, responsive, and effective service for sick doctors.’
    • ‘Changing the medical profession from one that is paternalistic to one that is self aware and quickly responsive to society's expectations is a difficult assignment.’
    • ‘It also provides motivational strategies which an educator can incorporate into the instruction plan to make it responsive to the interests and needs of students.’
    • ‘Opportunities for efficiency of scale are greatest with this type of structure, but, obviously, it is the least flexible and least responsive to local conditions.’
    • ‘Be flexible and responsive to quick change by being informed about the marketplace and current events.’
    • ‘Once a system of school choice is established, it should remain flexible and responsive to parental demand.’
    • ‘I view the changes over the last four decades as largely positive and responsive to the changing needs of the times.’
    quick to react, reactive, receptive, open to suggestions, amenable, flexible, accessible, approachable, forthcoming, sensitive, perceptive, sympathetic, well disposed, susceptible, impressionable, open, alive, awake, aware
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    1. 1.1 Responding readily and with interest.
      ‘our most enthusiastic and responsive students’
      • ‘The students have been receptive and responsive, and the programs have given them the opportunity to discuss issues that are important to them, she says.’
      • ‘Then in their own self - interest they will come forward and be more responsive.’
      • ‘Ethan, her eldest brother, had called her at home and she had been responsive and quick to answer him.’
      • ‘If that wish were granted, I vowed to be the best horse ever, friendly, responsive, and obedient.’
      • ‘See, there are responsive, friendly customer-oriented people out there, working for consumer firms.’
      • ‘Specifically, across cultures women have been shown to be on average more emotionally responsive, more socially attuned, and more verbally gifted than men.’
      • ‘The questions and comments from the students following the talk were engaged and responsive.’
      • ‘It is one of my most favourite places because the audience is so responsive.’
      • ‘An enlightened consumer not only protects his interest, but also acts as a responsible and responsive customer, and an asset to the society.’
      • ‘His stance was gentle, respectful, calm, centered, attuned, and responsive.’
      • ‘The faculty at my alma mater were excited by their scholarly concerns and eager to share their questions and insights with any responsive student.’
      • ‘I talk to her all the time, and she is usually very friendly and responsive.’
      • ‘The teacher alone can create an atmosphere that is positive and appealing just by being receptive, responsive and attentive to students' human needs.’
      • ‘In addition to establishing caring, respectful relationships with students, culturally responsive classroom managers work to create a sense of community.’
      • ‘Now, of course, not all students are so responsive, nor are results achieved overnight.’
      • ‘Although students may not be formally assessed upon the quality of their contributions, conscientious, responsive individuals and analytically minded students are noticed by tutors.’
      open-minded, ready to consider new ideas, willing to consider new ideas, open to new ideas, open to suggestions, open, amenable, sympathetic, well disposed, interested, attuned, flexible, willing, favourable, approachable, accessible, friendly, welcoming
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    2. 1.2 Denoting or relating to a website whose page design changes automatically according to the size of the screen on which it is viewed.
      ‘a responsive site that would work on PCs and tablets equally well’
      ‘a mobile-friendly responsive layout’
      • ‘When creating a responsive website you also need to accommodate Retina images into them.’
      • ‘Responsive design is not anymore about screen sizes but about different scenarios.’
      • ‘For me, my principal concern around web type in a responsive world is all about measure.’
      • ‘Create a custom widget to display responsive images.’
      • ‘The argument between whether to choose a responsive website or a separate mobile website is a highly debated topic.’
      • ‘If Google claims that it prefers responsive web design as the recommended mobile configuration, you better take that as a hint.’
      • ‘We are considering making our site responsive in order to accommodate the ever increasing number of mobile visitors.’
      • ‘We create websites using responsive web design and a Mobile First strategy.’
      • ‘Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned web professional, creating responsive designs can be confusing at first.’
  • 2In response; answering.

    ‘I'm distracted by a nibble on my line: I jig it several times, but there is no responsive tug’
    • ‘"Exactly," Cyril answered, with a responsive nod.’
    • ‘Dr. Jones, who is doing an excellent job, wasn't prepared to give you a really direct, responsive answer to that question.’
    • ‘My position is that the discovery, the correspondence, the affidavit filed upon this motion all equate to a responsive answer to the particular question.’
    • ‘Yes, I understand that, but his answer may not have been entirely responsive.’
    • ‘Sometimes a friendly smile or responsive nod will suffice.’
    • ‘I was met with a stiff child, no answering or responsive hug, no acknowledgement and a blank stare into space.’
    • ‘That was not a responsive answer to the question.’
    • ‘Finally, the researchers have developed new, highly responsive pressure sensors.’
    • ‘Here he appears to have been caught off guard a bit by the question, rambling a bit as he seeks to vocalize a responsive answer.’
    • ‘Twiddling a needle in these special points helps to identify the right spot, as a trained acupuncturist feels a tiny responsive tug on the needle.’
    • ‘The trigger return spring is an optional part, and the frame provided a short, crisp, responsive pull without it, so it was not used for this review.’
    1. 2.1 (of a section of liturgy) using responses.
      • ‘The Wednesday lunchtime mass featured chanting, responsive liturgy, hymns, prayers, readings from the Epistle and Gospel lessons, and a brief homily.’
      • ‘We then will read a Psalm or other piece of responsive liturgy. After that, we will go into the more contemporary part of our service.’
      • ‘After that we will have some readings, and then the responsive liturgy which is in your newsletter inserts.’