Definition of response time in English:

response time


  • 1The length of time taken for a person or system to react to a given stimulus or event.

    ‘twenty-four-hour response time on all customer enquiries’
    • ‘He said the chamber was pleased with the action plan set in place by the police to improve the response time to crime reports and increased patrols in the borough.’
    • ‘The target response time for a category B emergency, which includes most road traffic accidents, is within 14 minutes of the call.’
    • ‘The new report suggests that the response time to any fires in homes, or to any life-threatening incident, should be seven minutes wherever it happens.’
    • ‘The company intends to reduce customer response time and sanction loans expeditiously.’
    • ‘Doing this paperwork in advance could ‘cut off three to six months in your response time.’’
    • ‘There is an unexpected decrease in the response time of the customer management Web service.’
    • ‘‘We think the same people did it both times and on Friday they were testing the response time of the alarm,’ she said.’
    • ‘The response time could be quite a lot less for someone who is already in the village.’
    • ‘As our moderators are volunteers, however, we cannot guarantee a response time.’
    • ‘In an emergency after hours, firefighters first have to travel from their homes to the station, adding five minutes or more to their response time at a fire.’
    • ‘This way they can remove malicious or simply useless software and improve the overall system response time and stability.’
    • ‘The State police are currently working on a GPS-based auto-vehicle tracking system for control rooms to reduce response time while attending a call.’
    • ‘On the whole, police officers should park legally, but if there aren't any alternatives, then the council wouldn't wish to unduly delay the response time of our emergency services.’
    • ‘Some people complain that the response time of the local squads is too slow.’
    • ‘It is all very well the government giving us an eight-minute response time, but that is not in the real world.’
    • ‘The customer will get a better service, and a faster response time because it's not going over a shared network.’
    • ‘He explained that the average response time for a call was 50 minutes.’
    • ‘It's your decision here that helps shape the quality of the care, the facilities available, and the response time of the providers.’
    • ‘It also appears to affect the neural auditory system by slowing the response time between hearing something and reacting to it.’
    • ‘The problem is that in times past, your response time has been less than ideal.’
    1. 1.1Electronics The time taken for a circuit or measuring device, when subjected to a change in input signal, to change its state by a specified fraction of its total response to that change.
      • ‘It has a transient response time of 330 milliseconds.’
      • ‘The response time of IR antenna-coupled tunnel diodes can be in the picosecond range.’
      • ‘Photodiodes have a fast response time, allowing them to measure pulse shape.’
      • ‘I measured the response time at these settings since the image is downright unusable at the maximum matrix brightness.’
      • ‘The development of on-chip microfluidics will also be needed to increase response time, especially in biological applications.’


response time