Definition of respiratory in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrɛsp(ə)rət(ə)ri//rɪˈspɪrət(ə)ri//rɪˈspʌɪrət(ə)ri/


  • Relating to or affecting respiration or the organs of respiration.

    ‘respiratory disease’
    • ‘Breathing problems are considered to be those that affect the respiratory system below the vocal cords.’
    • ‘We transferred the patient to the intensive care unit for respiratory and inotropic support.’
    • ‘A cough may also be caused by inflammation of the upper respiratory track due to a viral infection due to the common cold or flu.’
    • ‘On arrival at the emergency department he had a high respiratory rate and haemoptysis.’
    • ‘Cigarette smoke is a short term respiratory irritant that should be avoided altogether by people with asthma.’