Definition of respirator in English:



  • 1An apparatus worn over the mouth and nose or the entire face to prevent the inhalation of dust, smoke, or other noxious substances.

    ‘for a time everyone had to work with respirators’
    • ‘Use the proper dust mask or respirator when sanding and sawing.’
    • ‘These respirators contain both inhalation and exhalation valves that filter the air and ensure that it is free of mold particles.’
    • ‘Wear a medium-efficiency or high-efficiency filter dust mask or respirator to protect against the inhalation of mold spores.’
    • ‘At the time, he advocated the use of personal respirators instead of dust control in mines.’
    • ‘The monitors, respirator, lights, drills and suction machines were powered up.’
    • ‘He has used chemical weapons on his own people, and has issued respirators to his troop.’
    • ‘Store the respirator, filters and cartridges in a clean, dry place - preferably in a tightly closed paper or plastic bag.’
    • ‘Half-faced respirators and light cotton overalls were issued to workers during this process.’
    • ‘The respirator filters air through charcoal and paper layers, and soldiers have to open valves to either speak or drink.’
    • ‘Wear a sanding respirator to prevent inhalation while breaking dried plaster or when mixing.’
    • ‘Some people find it hard to breathe while wearing thick respirators, so they just cover the mouth and leave the nose exposed in the air, which is wrong and risky.’
    • ‘Renew your determination to go to your sister's house someday and get back that dust and particle respirator you left there last month while working on a project.’
    • ‘If you are trying to stop contaminated air being breathed in, you not only have to filter the air, but ensure a good seal between the respirator and the face.’
    • ‘Seventy percent or more of participants reported never using safety glasses, dust masks or respirators, face shields, gloves, or protective clothing when they made jewelry.’
    • ‘Mechanical filter respirators provide protection only against dusts.’
    • ‘Always wear a dust mask or respirator when using a sander to prevent inhalation of sawdust.’
    • ‘I nodded my head weakly and took the air respirator off my mouth.’
    • ‘When you need to use a dust mask or respirator, be sure to use the right one for the job.’
    • ‘Firefighting equipment had to be imported, as did light civilian respirators and even sandbags.’
    • ‘They should have a head cover or hood, visor and dust mask respirator, spray suit as well as gum boots.’
    1. 1.1 An apparatus used to induce artificial respiration.
      • ‘I've been instructed in the art of resuscitation, to substitute for an electronic respirator in the event that the number of victims overwhelms the available equipment resources.’
      • ‘Nursing home services are mostly for people who need more medical care than other long term care options can offer, such as wound care, rehabilitative therapy and help with respirators or ventilators.’
      • ‘In fact, the premier had already lapsed into a coma, was being kept alive on an artificial respirator and was fighting for his life.’
      • ‘Their immune systems are underdeveloped, their skin is thin and easily penetrated by bacteria, and they are born with problems that require invasive procedures such as catheters and respirators to keep them alive.’
      • ‘An artificial respirator was on standby nearby, as well as other emergency resuscitation devices linked by many wires and tubes.’