Definition of respecify in English:



  • Specify again or differently.

    • ‘While Maria used her own discrediting to reproduce the legitimacy of the stigmatizing discourse, she respecified that discourse's features to accord with her status as someone who has failed to uphold its central tenet.’
    • ‘Over time lifestyles will develop and change, and so the standards will he respecified.’
    • ‘Behind the late twentieth century reviving and respecifying of the place of Afro-Antiguans and Barbudans in the cultural life of the society, is a history of race/ethnic relations that systematically excluded them.’
    • ‘Instead, he respecified his project at a level of abstraction that escaped having to decide between the two.’
    • ‘Every five periods, the landscape is perturbed by respecifying a new random draw for the fitness contribution of eight of the ten policy choices.’
    • ‘In some cases contracts have had to be respecified, in other instances certain types of operation have been cancelled.’