Definition of resole in English:



[with object]
  • Provide (a boot, shoe, etc.) with a new sole.

    ‘in principle any shoe can be resoled, but track shoes are done less frequently than road or cross-country shoes’
    • ‘But instead of moving on to a new pair when they wear out, they have them resoled.’
    • ‘They still offer resole services and resole their own shoes and all other brands of shoes.’
    • ‘His shoes, as you have noticed, have been resoled.’
    • ‘How about refurbishing the shoes - i.e., resoling, restitching, or the like?’
    • ‘Even veterans fall short: They'll forget to get needed shots, have their favorite boots resoled, check out an area's water supply or pack needed medical supplies.’
    • ‘Although the leather sole had worn out, he'd resoled them with an old black bicycle tire.’
    • ‘I have one pair that is over 20 years old and has been resoled and had new heels put on about three times now; they are incredibly comfortable.’
    • ‘They needed to be resoled after 2 years but a $40 repair on a $300 pair of shoes is not bad.’
    • ‘According to him, ‘Seventy percent of the millionaires surveyed have their shoes resoled and repaired rather than replaced.’’
    • ‘He acquired an old pair of shoes from his friend. When he had them resoled he discovered that he could no longer get them on.’
    • ‘If it weren't for resoles I'd have to buy 4-5 pairs every year.’
    • ‘It is a mesh pattern which should allow for some breathability, and I've been assured that resoling the rand doesn't affect the rubber.’
    • ‘Emily also said that she needed to get her ‘high’ heel resoled.’
    • ‘Board-lasted shoes can also be resoled more often than slip-lasted shoes.’
    • ‘She's right that you may need to resole, but that is obviated by the other good suggestion, which is to get pads/insoles.’