Definition of reskin in English:



[with object]
  • Replace or repair the skin of (an aircraft or motor vehicle).

    • ‘Mike and Dave began work soon after the aircraft arrived and have completely reskinned the fuselage and installed new longerons.’
    • ‘Production had stopped come 1992 although the vehicle's engine, transmission, chassis, and other important details lived on in the Volvo 940, which was in essence a reskinned 740.’
    • ‘There is no track record for Cadillac's XLR two-seater, which makes it easy to dismiss as a reskinned Corvette.’
    • ‘During its previous restoration attempts with the CAF, portions of the airframe had been reskinned and the camera ports had disappeared in the process.’
    • ‘External mass balances were installed on the elevator which was also reskinned with a thicker aluminum gauge.’
    • ‘The team spent its time reskinning cars instead of massaging improvements into cars that already fit the templates.’
    • ‘Because there is a new roof template and set body location for the cars in 2003, all of the teams will cut the bodies off their cars and reskin them.’
    • ‘For a single-car team, the crew chief expects it will take three weeks to reskin a car.’
    • ‘With the move to common templates, the teams reskinned entire fleets for 2003.’
    • ‘The Monte Carlo has proved to be more competitive, but the team had to build, from the chassis up, 16 cars - not just reskin the cars, as the crew chief is quick to point out.’
    • ‘Dennis took the plane apart and did a lot of work on the airframe including reskinning parts of the fuselage, ailerons, gear doors, etc.’
    • ‘The team's biggest challenge will be reskinning them.’
    • ‘Virtually all the fuselage is original but the wing had to be reskinned.’
    • ‘The fuselage has also been completely rebuilt with new longerons and the airframe has been completely reskinned.’
    • ‘The plane is in remarkable condition with just a small amount of corrosion and this is being rectified and the areas that have been opened up to get rid of the corrosion are now being reskinned.’