Definition of reskill in English:



  • Teach (a person, especially an unemployed person) new skills.

    ‘they are reskilling the unemployed’
    ‘the university is a major provider of training and reskilling’
    as modifier ‘a ten-week reskilling course’
    • ‘The problem is that there is not a great deal of unemployed labour resources in New Zealand at the present time, particularly amongst those capable of being reskilled to participate in construction industries.’
    • ‘He has called for a retraining and reskilling package for workers.’
    • ‘It credits the need for reskilling and the threat of offshoring for the the increase in numbers.’
    • ‘Not to be harsh to the retrenched worker, the reform process provides for safety nets and reskilling of the workers so that they can take up other activities.’
    • ‘Staff working in a discipline that has limited application should consider upskilling or reskilling, and examine training and development opportunities.’
    • ‘He said the government should help to reskill the workforce.’
    • ‘With the aim of combating global cost-cutting trends within the sector, the reskilling and upskilling of thousands of Scottish workers was at its core.’
    • ‘Bank holidays and holidays are unpaid, long hours are spent reskilling, and paperwork can be time-consuming.’
    • ‘You only need to look at recent news headlines to comprehend the huge importance of training and reskilling the workforce as the service industry threatens to follow the trend set by manufacturing - of migrating overseas.’
    • ‘In most cases, they regain their contributions and put them to sound use in reskilling their employees.’
    • ‘There are a considerable number of people who want to work and who need to be reskilled.’
    • ‘Those who have moved on have remained within the IT sector, proving the success of the programme in reskilling suitable candidates.’
    • ‘Outline employees' options - Define the options available for affected employees: reskilling, redeployment, termination or outplacement.’
    • ‘And, for the benefit of readers who are contemplating reskilling or even just breaking into the IT field, what are the skills most in-demand skills and the qualifications needed to obtain them?’
    • ‘He said it was possible that organisations were not hiring as many new people as they were before, and so investing in the reskilling of existing staff.’
    • ‘In today's rapidly changing workplace, companies that can retrain and reskill staff quickly have an edge.’
    • ‘The need to keep up-to-date and on top of industry developments and stave off competition has meant that most senior management staff now take part in ongoing management training and reskilling initiatives.’
    • ‘You have to work with those middle managers, so they understand what the company's philosophy will be and what the company's practice will be for retooling, retraining and reskilling employees.’
    • ‘He foresees a great demand for programmers who reskill themselves in the days to come.’
    • ‘We had to assess the workforce, find out what kind of skills they held and then redeploy them or give them a hand in reskilling,’ said the manager.’