Definition of resit in English:



[with object]
Pronunciation /riːˈsɪt/
  • Take (an examination) again after failing it.

    ‘she is resitting her maths GCSE’
    • ‘I can see him having to go to college at the end of his A levels to resit them.’
    • ‘She, together with four fellow pupils, resat one of the English literature modules in June, but the school set the wrong text, which meant the pupils couldn't answer the paper in the exam.’
    • ‘It was quite a tricky paper (the other girl resitting it agreed) and so I'm not optimistic about that grade - which means I have to do really, really well in the other two papers.’
    • ‘His son, a second-year construction studies student, failed in the summer exams of 2000 and was suspended from resitting examinations for two years.’
    • ‘If it really matters to you, you can always resit.’
    • ‘As a matter of fact, one group from last semester is currently resitting a course because of suspected plagiarism.’
    • ‘The appellant resat her finals and was awarded a third class degree, which is not good enough for the further career options which she wanted and still wants to pursue.’
    • ‘If they fail, they will have to undergo another five hours of training before being allowed to resit the exam.’
    • ‘But it's not hard to see that anyone resitting the following year is under even more pressure.’
    • ‘If you didn't get the A Level / AS Level or Higher Still grades you'd hoped for, and you don't want to go through Clearing to get a new place at university, it may be worth resitting your exams.’
    • ‘We have got people resitting AS modules in their second year to try to improve their grades, even when they have already got good results.’
    • ‘But 80 per cent were wrongly given low grades in the papers - and the error was only discovered after they had resat the exams at their own cost.’
    • ‘But, despite the regrades, dissatisfaction has continued, with hundreds of students choosing to resit their A-levels this summer.’
    • ‘Although I have no personal knowledge of this case, I believe that the minimum appropriate punishment should have been to resit the examination.’
    • ‘Luckily I was able to resit modules to boost my grades.’
    • ‘Critics also attack the system because it allows students to resit subjects that are internally assessed.’
    • ‘He returned on Friday to resit a maths exam which he clearly had no intention of taking.’
    • ‘He was expelled two months ago for behavioural and truancy problems and returned on Friday to resit a maths exam.’
    • ‘This course is not available to graduates who should apply for the 4-year Graduate Entry Programme or students who are taking or resitting A Levels who should apply to the 5-year MBBS course.’
    • ‘Would you advise her to resit biology or should she apply to comparable universities next year and take her chances with what she has already?’


Pronunciation /ˈriːsɪt/
  • An examination that is resat.

    ‘the system allows the office to timetable all resits in a single block’
    • ‘We need to reduce the amount of coursework and restrict resits, ‘he said.’’
    • ‘She was sent a letter telling her that she had failed the resits, but the Board had decided to allow her to re-sit again.’
    • ‘As most people who retake exams only tend to go up one grade, resits may not be the best option.’
    • ‘I suppose I think I've done well enough to get my needed B in French - although I am wary about my A2 oral grade, but the AS listening/reading resit should help.’
    • ‘He says only the very focused will successfully see resits through.’
    • ‘They can help you decide if resits are a good idea for you.’
    • ‘I suppose it also depends when the resit exams would be.’
    • ‘My next exam is an AS French resit on Thursday which has the luxury of not needing any revision.’
    • ‘The resit has prompted anger among students who have other examinations on the same day and are worried they may not get home in time to vote in the General Election.’
    • ‘On Thursday morning, I had to get up and go to school because I had my AS French resit exam to do.’
    • ‘So I resat five modules in January, in addition to three Maths modules that were not resits.’
    • ‘They had revised for their resit exams when some of them had A grades.’
    • ‘She later retook her finals and was awarded a third class degree - the most she could be awarded under the regulations following a resit.’
    • ‘There was a resit at the end of the summer vacation.’
    • ‘The rejection letter made it clear that nobody would be reconsidered next year if they did resits.’