Definition of resistance training in English:

resistance training


  • another term for weight training
    • ‘So if you're looking to change how much muscle that you lose with ageing, then you really have to do an exercise like weightlifting exercise, or resistance training.’
    • ‘Let's apply this concept to weight training - or resistance training, as it is often called.’
    • ‘Because of those factors, you need to structure your resistance training so that it's brief, heavy and intense.’
    • ‘You need to stick to your nutritional plan and do resistance training with weights and cardiovascular exercise every week to reach your goal.’
    • ‘Making resistance training and impact exercise part of the plan is especially important now since bone density loss can be a serious problem later in life.’
    • ‘Individuals respond in a wide variety of ways to progressive resistance training.’
    • ‘Weight-bearing exercise and resistance training have been shown to increase femoral bone density.’
    • ‘Avoid doing resistance training and cardio on the same day; make sure to schedule rest days, preferably weekends.’
    • ‘Heavy resistance training doesn't reduce endurance training effects.’
    • ‘So by being physically active and doing weight resistance training, you're going to reverse that scenario completely.’
    • ‘Incorporate resistance training into your workouts for extra cortisol control.’
    • ‘Doing resistance training in this way causes the body to work in an almost cardiovascular way and gives you the potential to burn more calories.’
    • ‘In resistance training, compound movements are primarily used in weightlifting.’
    • ‘As part of my resistance training workout, I work my inner and outer thigh muscles.’
    • ‘The product is especially effective at addressing the needs of those athletes involved in intense training especially resistance training.’
    • ‘And for the first time I noted her arms, slender and firm, the product of long hours of cardio and resistance training.’
    • ‘Regular resistance training can have profound effects and positive changes in older individuals.’
    • ‘To achieve optimal results, your exercise plan should include both cardio and resistance training.’
    • ‘Strengthening exercises, or resistance training, with weights can supplement your aerobic activity.’
    • ‘In resistance training, this translates into increasing the weight to a point where the final two to three repetitions are really tough.’