Definition of reshore in English:



[with object]
  • (of a company) transfer (a business operation that was moved overseas) back to the country from which it was originally relocated.

    ‘increasing numbers of US-based manufacturing businesses are planning to reshore production from China back to the US’
    no object ‘the decision to reshore hinges on a host of factors, including taxes, regulations, currencies, and government incentives’
    • ‘Apparel manufacturing is the third-largest reshored sector of all industries in the US, after electronics and computers.’
    • ‘Only six firms (including four that already reshored in the last two years) said they would bring back some operations in 2013.’
    • ‘The manufacturing being reshored isn't the type of lower-skill manufacturing the U.S. lost in the 1980s.’
    • ‘A trend is underway to reshore manufacturing to the US, reports the Wall Street Journal.’
    • ‘Suppliers can use the software to convince their customers to reshore.’
    • ‘This is still true even though the wages for reshored jobs are usually lower than what manufacturing workers in the U.S. traditionally have earned.’
    • ‘That will be a one-time doubling of the number of jobs being reshored each year, currently about 30,000 per year.’
    • ‘With the financial crisis receding and huge investment opportunities in energy and reshored manufacturing, the US has a moment of opportunity unlike any in a long time.’
    • ‘Still, some segments of manufacturing are recovering, and some products are being reshored to the United States.’
    • ‘The company will bring 250 jobs to a refurbished plant as it takes the first step to reshore its power tool production.’