Definition of resharpen in English:



  • Sharpen (a blade or implement) again.

    • ‘Very few blades show signs of having been resharpened.’
    • ‘After a short while, in fact several times a day, he has to resharpen the chisels on a rotary grinding wheel he's acquired.’
    • ‘It is a good middle-of-the-road steel and is perfect for hunting knives like this due to its ability to hold an edge and its ease of resharpening.’
    • ‘In both operations, cutters had to be removed from the arbors and ground to resharpen.’
    • ‘Remarkably enough it is also easy to resharpen.’
    • ‘Much of the debitage is composed of tertiary flakes, suggesting that late stage reduction activities, that is, tool finishing and resharpening, were carried out in the tested portion of the site.’
    • ‘Retouching flakes are tiny, extremely thin flakes pinched or pushed off a piece to finish it, to fine-shape part of the surface, sharpen it, or resharpen it.’
    • ‘But golf officials suspected that some club faces had been resharpened and were often verging on illegality.’
    • ‘All carbide blades can be resharpened professionally, yielding an extremely long working life.’
    • ‘Only 70 of the 191 were resharpened more than once.’
    • ‘Note was made of points that appeared to have been resharpened, but such points were not excluded from summary calculations.’
    • ‘This trend is partially due to the inevitable dulling of conventional knives with use and to the lack of trained personnel to resharpen them.’
    • ‘The edge is very sharp from the factory and is easily resharpened.’
    • ‘Priced at $130, it carries a lifetime guarantee and will be resharpened at no cost forever.’
    • ‘Most were waste pieces from flint-making, but included one large flint core and two heads of ‘tranchet’ axes, removed from their shafts ready for resharpening.’