Definition of reservation policy in English:

reservation policy


  • The policy of reserving a certain percentage of jobs or school or college places for members of scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, or other groups.

    • ‘Thus, present reservation policy definitely needs to be reviewed taking into consideration the benefits reached at desired lords.’
    • ‘On the reservation issue, the Union Minister said the implementation of the reservation policy was a state subject.’
    • ‘His empowerment story of rising from a low-ranking cop to an IRS officer may further strengthen the very premise of the reservation policy.’
    • ‘The question arises whether these sections have really been benefitted by reservation policy which he suggests to be reviewed.’
    • ‘The government is firm in its commitment to implement fully the reservation policy in government jobs.’
    • ‘The quashing of the government quota in private professional colleges left no scope for students to join such colleges under the State's reservation policy.’
    • ‘The greatest harm to the process of industrialisation in India has been caused by the government's reservation policy.’
    • ‘In the case of OBC reservation in educational institutions, 55 to 57 years have passed without the reservation policy.’
    • ‘Only the creamy layer, who can afford to go to schools and colleges, could take advantage of the reservation policy.’
    • ‘We pointed out that reservation policy was started first by the Maharaja of Kolhapur in 1902.’
    • ‘The second significant factor is the reservation policy of the government.’
    • ‘The processes of Sanskritisation, Westernisation and reservation policies have helped them reach their present status.’
    • ‘The reservation policy is India's version of affirmative action, providing education and employment opportunities for disadvantaged communities.’
    • ‘However, he admitted that the extension of reservation policy was bound to cause resentment among the forward castes.’
    • ‘The writer has talked about the significance of democracy in terms of social justice to each and every section of the society through prevailing system of reservation policy.’
    • ‘This "reservations policy" is as controversial in India as affirmative action policies are now in the United States.’
    • ‘Reservation policy is one of the essential means to include the excluded groups in the democratic process and to pave the way for their empowerment.’
    • ‘They were of the view that programs like the reservation policy were good for the inclusion of the weaker sections of the society into the main stream.’
    • ‘It would not be proper to enforce reservation policy in their institutions because these were set up to promote education among minorities, he said.’
    • ‘The unwritten social code of advanced societies works in government offices public sectors through executors and planners holding prize positions who prevents implementation of reservation policy in toto.’