Definition of resentfully in English:


Pronunciation /rɪˈzɛntf(ə)li//rɪˈzɛntfʊli/


  • See resentful

    • ‘When his mother abandoned the family when he was four, two aunts were reluctantly and resentfully compelled to raise Billy and his older sister, Florence.’
    • ‘It's a job I'll do for as long as it takes to actually find the right job and at that point I'll quit and leave them scrambling, resentfully, to find my replacement.’
    • ‘Terrence glared resentfully at his youngest son, who only glared more furiously back.’
    • ‘The angry mood suggests too many people will be going to the polls resentfully.’
    • ‘But most residents are still too emotionally bruised to do anything except stare resentfully from a distance.’