Definition of resell in English:


Pronunciation /riːˈsɛl//ˈriːsɛl/


[with object]
  • Sell (something one has bought) to someone else.

    ‘products can be resold on the black market for huge profits’
    • ‘The longer the notice, the more chance the airline or tour operator has of reselling the tickets, minimising its losses and refunding you a portion of the purchase price.’
    • ‘The club started selling shares two years ago and has imposed a moratorium of five years before any shares can be resold.’
    • ‘A taxable dealer is a person whose principal activity is reselling natural gas or electricity.’
    • ‘Now the carriers are looking to expand the market by letting subscribers resell talk time to friends and neighbors.’
    • ‘He pointed out that there were 155 companies reselling broadband in Britain, while there were only three or four companies here.’
    • ‘The big questions are how much to invest and how much can you expect to have gained on reselling the piece at a later date.’
    • ‘In return, it got either the right to resell the product or receive payments of nearly $30 million a year.’
    • ‘That product could be resold to the customer; he may not have ever opened it.’
    • ‘He's struck a deal to resell courses from an E-learning company.’
    • ‘Returning to retailing, we should remind ourselves that a retailer is simply an organization that buys products for the purpose of reselling them to consumers.’
    • ‘Its main business was reselling training products and courses over the internet and on CD-Roms and videos.’
    • ‘They have been sold and resold by their masters only within a radius of five kilometres.’
    • ‘There are reputable companies which source and resell end-of-life products and second-hand products.’
    • ‘He made his initial fortune in the 1990s by taking over and reselling bankrupt companies.’
    • ‘If a house purchased under the scheme is resold within 10 years then the sale price discounted by the local authority is payable.’
    • ‘That data was gleaned and resold by the agencies to news media, market researchers and other retailers.’
    • ‘He bought cheap land and resold the properties for huge profits 12 months later.’
    • ‘With only 150 accredited registrars actively selling and reselling domains, it is a fairly small industry.’
    • ‘He knew that if he could buy items at a cheap price, reselling them for a healthy profit would not be that difficult.’
    • ‘He would then paint the houses and resell them at far higher prices.’