Definition of reselect in English:



[with object]
  • Select (someone or something) again or differently.

    ‘he was reselected as candidate for Sunderland South’
    • ‘When I was reselected in July last year, I became aware of this whispering campaign.’
    • ‘It came after weeks of in-fighting after the association's executive council voted against automatically reselecting him as their candidate at the next election.’
    • ‘He was reselected as Conservative candidate last week.’
    • ‘You have to go back to the User tab and reselect your firewall's global policy to display your rules again.’
    • ‘Similarly, the navigational window pane is can be automatically restored when the user reselects the help window.’
    • ‘His popularity has been on the wane since he was reselected as Chief Executive.’
    • ‘These logic changes either accommodate the malfunction and avoid the shutdown or, in some cases, have provisions to tolerate the malfunction if Primary mode is reselected as part of the airstart procedure.’
    • ‘Sitting members could be automatically reselected, but in order to achieve gender balance either place 1 or place 2 on each regional list has to be taken by a woman.’
    • ‘Cross-fertilising a pure white hyacinth with a blue seedling, followed by painstaking years of bulb harvesting and reselecting for the darkest colour, have resulted in the black bloom.’
    • ‘This is extremely useful when users need to reselect different links to view once they have discovered that they have selected or followed the wrong links.’
    • ‘If I were still a member of the party, I would have remonstrated with them when they voted not to reselect him.’
    • ‘At the end of the season, he goes back through all his saved ears, reselecting for seed quality, using a dog toenail clipper to slice open the hard kernels and examine the starch-to-endosperm ratio.’
    • ‘I reselected afterburner, eased the nose for airspeed, and placed the flap switch in the proper position: auto.’
    • ‘Not only that, but they took little five-minute breaks between each songs, carefully selecting, unselecting and reselecting which instruments they would play for the next song and discussing it all terribly intently.’
    • ‘He would select news items, reselect them, rewrite them, cut them short, crumple them up and throw them away.’
    • ‘The process consists of reselecting the original azalea seeds, sowing them, letting them flower, picking the best and taking cuttings.’
    • ‘His local association had recently unanimously reselected him as their candidate for the forthcoming general election.’
    • ‘We've got a group of governors, most of whom have just recently been reselected by their provincial councils.’
    • ‘He found that 50 shares with the lowest price to sales ratios, reselected annually, beat other value measures such as price to earnings and price to book.’