Definition of researcher in English:


Pronunciation /rɪˈsəːtʃə//ˈriːsəːtʃə/


  • 1A person who carries out academic or scientific research.

    ‘a medical researcher who pioneered the development of antibiotics’
    • ‘According to a university weed specialist, the researchers evaluated six different glyphosate products.’
    • ‘Researchers have explored the use of green fallow systems in recent years—however, a suitable green cover has not been discovered.’
    • ‘Researchers have identified eight genes that can affect different races.’
    • ‘The researchers observed more beetles in genetically modified, rather than conventional, maize crops.’
    • ‘Sand has been shown by researchers to be a medium to aid in waste-water treatment.’
    • ‘Researchers have found viruses in wells 200 to 400 feet from the point where the viruses were introduced into saturated soils.’
    • ‘Plant researchers theorize that aubergines were first eaten on the Indian subcontinent.’
    • ‘Researchers place cardboard rings containing red- or blue-marked corn-borer pupae at release sites within cornfields.’
    • ‘Red clover may be a superior alternative to alfalfa, say USDA researchers.’
    • ‘The researchers have been able to measure the reduced caffeine levels only in the leaves of year-old seedlings.’
    1. 1.1 A person whose job involves discovering or verifying information for use in a book, programme, etc.
      ‘radio and TV researchers’
      • ‘It was quickly apparent that she had been educated in ways that made her a superb documentary researcher.’
      • ‘Whilst she did not comment directly on the case, clearly the researchers for the programme must have interviewed her prior to her taking part in the programme.’
      • ‘The focus is on innovations within the capital's archives and how these affect a range of users—from family historians to film researchers, teachers to academics.’
      • ‘The staff are assisted by a focus group and a number of external advisers and researchers.’
      • ‘Starting points for the researcher could be the large collection of pamphlets about her at Yale University.’
      • ‘In those organizations that said they are doing that routine sharing, less than half of the people responsible are the researchers in the newsroom.’
      • ‘It offers histories of each of the newsreels, and guides to the use of the data and the documents for students and researchers.’
      • ‘The selection of illustrations is first-class, and thanks must go to the picture researcher.’
      • ‘If a series is trying to get it dead right, then it is on the researcher's integrity that the quality of the finished work depends.’
      • ‘She is the leading biographical researcher on Bergman.’