Definition of researchable in English:



  • See research

    • ‘Each of the articles addresses researchable problems stated as purposes or as specific questions studied from the database and provides a perspective on the status of the elderly and families with school age children.’
    • ‘At that time, participants agreed that the complex issues were researchable, and that good studies would lead to interventions with real impact,’ he added.’
    • ‘Additionally, the idea that psychoanalytic theories of spectatorship do not generate researchable questions should be rejected.’
    • ‘As you are doing your various modules, begin to think about whether there are any topics that might interest you and that might provide you with a researchable area.’
    • ‘First, common factors are not conceptually clear, operationally defined, or contextualized within a clinical process enough to make them either researchable or understandable.’