Definition of research and development in English:

research and development


mass noun
  • (in industry) work directed towards the innovation, introduction, and improvement of products and processes.

    • ‘It can also be justified if it involves research and development and a completely new product.’
    • ‘One consequence has been an inability to make a commitment and investment in the critical area of research and development.’
    • ‘As the business grew and more staff were taken on he was able to spend more time on research and development.’
    • ‘Scottish companies, however, invest around half the UK average in research and development.’
    • ‘He said the company would continue to invest in research and development and build its product range.’
    • ‘Its short-term future lies in research and development not large-scale energy generation.’
    • ‘Improvements appear to have been made in supply-chain management and in research and development.’
    • ‘The manufacturers were so busy making product that little was done in the way of research and development.’
    • ‘The remainder will go toward research and development and working capital.’
    • ‘It also carries out research and development into new shoecare and household cleaning products.’
    • ‘There are still huge opportunities, notably in traded services such as finance and in research and development.’
    • ‘In other words, it does not encourage investment in technology research and development.’
    • ‘There was extra cash for small firms and research and development, especially in manufacturing.’
    • ‘Possible measures include giving oil and gas exploration the same status as industrial research and development.’
    • ‘Gone are the days when innovation used to be the exclusive domain of research and development.’
    • ‘The company spent a lot of money on research and development and new products were coming on stream, but not fast enough.’
    • ‘Sector followers say investors should also find out if a company has enough funding to carry out research and development.’
    • ‘Sophia had experience in research and development for a major cosmetics manufacturer.’
    • ‘They do not export, they do not invest in research and development.’
    • ‘A third of them are working on research and development and another third exclusively on new products.’


research and development